James Michael Ellis

Location: Falmouth, Cornwall
About The Speaker...

I was born on IOW in 1935 but because of my father’s occupation and WW2 when we were bombed out, moved several times. This meant that I attended six primary schools and two secondary schools, often not seeing my parents for several months. However we ultimately settled in Leicester and I left school aged sixteen with seven GCE o levels. My ambition had been to become a doctor but this was then unobtainable and I started work to train as an accountant. However, after National Service I decided to train as a P.E. teacher at what was then Loughborough Teacher Training College (now Loughborough University). Before entering college I spent two terms teaching in an inner city primary school which convinced me that I was better suited to teach in that age range. After qualifying I taught at several primary schools in some of the more deprived areas of Leicester, serving as headmaster for twenty one years.
Since retiring we moved to Cornwall where I have been able to continue my hobbies of gardening, golf and watching sport

About Their Talks...

Three of my talks cover my career in education in a light hearted manner, recounting anecdotes, amusing, shocking, distressing and
embarrassing (to me)
A. Nitty Nora
B. Make yer ……. mind up!
C. Yer’ve bust me bra!

My fourth talk is a journey through my childhood during WW2 when I was ‘ferried’ between relatives before and after our house was destroyed in Norwich in 1942
D. Growing up in WW2


£50 plus donation towards travel expenses

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Nitty Nora

Public Speaker in Cornwall, Jim Ellis presents his talk on Nitty Nora

A talk about ten years teaching in inner city schools, full of anecdotes illustrating the trials and fun experienced as a young teacher.

Make yer ....... minds upI

Public Speaker in Cornwall, Jim Ellis presents his talk on Make yer ....... minds upI

A light hearted journey through ten years of teaching in some of the most deprived areas of Leicester…… and my first headship

Yer've bust me bra!

Public Speaker in Cornwall, Jim Ellis presents his talk on Yer've bust me bra!

A journey along a career in teaching in urban schools where I met child abuse (mental and physical) and general deprivation.

Growing up in WW2

Public Speaker in Cornwall, Jim Ellis presents his talk on Growing up in WW2

This talk covers my experiences as a young boy living in Norwich and Suffolk from 1939 to 1945.
As early as 1940 I was sent to stay with relatives in ‘safe’ Surrey and Bedfordshire, only returning occasionally to my home….albeit in 1942 to have the misfortune to be there when a landmine destroyed our house.

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