John Awen

Location: Derby
About me...

Having lived what can only be described as a ‘life less ordinary,’ I have risen up and fought through the darkness and like a Phoenix, I have risen from the ashes.
Having faced death head on, came through a gruelling 11 year drug addiction and due solely to the addiction, I served 9 separate prison sentences.

I finally changed my life around, I am now a multiple published author, Public Speaker and have given several radio interviews, podcasts and given a LADbible interview.

We live many lives within this one and I am still extremely glad to be able to show that change does happen, we just have to rise to the challenge.

About my Talks...

My talks are varied, from death, to overcoming addiction, Finding my compassion towards all beings, living a Vegan lifestyle, then I can give talks on all 5 of my books, (available on my website and all good book shops) I also give motivational talks on positivity, being compassionate, loving this life and simply seeing the positives in all situations.


My fees vary and when quoting, I take into account the distance I have to travel, the size of the audience I will be speaking to and also the time and date required for the talk.
I am originally from Essex, so the cheeky chappy is still within me and I love to barter as nothing is non negotiable.

My Contact Details:

07517 115480

Overcoming Addiction.

Having been a heroin addict for 11 years, over 11 years clean now, I intimately know how hard and very desperate it is, not just for the addict, yet for their family and friends.

A candid talk on how low it is possible to sink, yet I found the strength to not only survive this, but to come out much stronger and now offer comfort and inspiration to others in showing that we should never stop believing. I am living proof that we can change, we just have to want too.

Living With Heart Failure.

By the age of 39, I had suffered 3 heart attacks. In 2015 after an echocardiogram, I was given the devastating news that I was in advanced heart failure. I was told I did not have a tomorrow and shouldnt be waking up each morning.

This news got me down for a bit, it actually knocked me for 6 to be honest. After a few weeks, I realised that none of us know how long we have got and in essence, we are all dying, yet what is important is how we live.

This process taught me the most valuable lessons ever, that we must take nothing, nor anybody for granted. We need to cherish each moment we have and in effect, live each day as if it is our last.

Living a Compassionate Life.

Being compassionate is a lesson which we teach and show our children, yet what is compassion?

To be a compassionate being means to only do to others what we would like done to ourselves.

This life is so very precious, so it falls upon us as individuals to be loving, kind, supportive and hold no malice, not judge others, yet show kindness and positivity at each and every opportunity we have.


Having raised animals myself for food, killed many with my own hands and led animals onto the killing room floors of a slaughterhouse, I have seen cruelty, fear, suffering and watched as animals are killed.
Having been Vegan for several years myself and given many talks on this subject, I am aware of the cruelty stats and facts from around the world. I know the health impact upon humans from consuming meats and dairy, plus I know the impact to not go Vegan is having upon this planet we call home.
Going Vegan is not the most we can do, it is the very least.

Vegan Nutritionist.

As a qualified Vegan Nutrititionist I am able to talk about health and go into detail as to why we need to return to a more natural and balanced way of living and eating, not just for ourselves, but for all involved.

Specialising in child vegan nutrition, vegan nutrition in pregnancy and also how to reverse/cure type 2 diabetes with a vegan diet/lifestyle, I really do know my subject.

I am able to offer advice, give medically proven facts and stats and advise totally on how not only survive as a vegan, yet thrive.

John Awen Contact Details:

07517 115480

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