John Colley

Location: Lichfield, Staffordshire
About me...

I am semi-retired and been involved with 16mm film presentations for over 30 years and projected many different shows to suit the particular audiences of the day.

However many things change over the years together with the loss of many local cinemas with that in mind I decided to change my prestation subjects and concentrate on audiences that I believed would be interested in Nostalgia from the yesteryear of films.

About my Presentation...

I use 16mm B&H professional film projectors, real film, striped optical sound and a special 6ft silver screen there is no digital influence what so ever in my atmospheric presentation.

I will require two tables side by side to stand the 6ft Screen on.  All other equipment will be supplied by me; it normally takes about 15/20 minutes to set up including a 5 minutes to check the  projector image throw  to screen.



My fee would be £75.00 plus a travel charge of £0.50 pence per mile if the venue is over 10 miles from Lichfield.

My Contact Details:

01543493993 M:07792252538

Nostalgic Film Presentation

My film presentation is based on the format of an old type cinema programme,

Starting with the logo of a very well-known film distributer.

A news reel from the 60s, a typical trailer of two musical films from the 30s and a historical condensed version film on Winston Churchill.

Gaumont British film on royalty from the late 1800s (which depicts sections of moving film the very first ever seen by the general public in those early years) through to our present Queen Elizabeth from her birth until the 50s.

To finish the presentation will be a 2reel film on Those Fabulous Holly Wood Musicals showing the best of the stars from the 30s,40s and 50s including those immortal Film Stars Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers but to name a few.

Finally, the National Anthem to finish.

The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes and each film will run continuously unless an interval is required.

John Colley Contact Details:

01543493993 M:07792252538

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