John Field

Location: Epsom Surrey
About The Speaker...

John was admitted as a solicitor in 1976 and has practised law ever since. However his main passion in life is magic and he has been performing as a magician for almost 50 years. He is a member of the world famous Magic Circle and within that club has been elevated to the rank of Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star. This accreditation is only held by about 350 magicians worldwide. He has raised thousands of pounds for charities with his talks on magic and his magical performances. Do not miss an opportunity to see him perform.John is available for cabaret, banquets, receptions, weddings and after dinner speaking. John regularly appears at venues in Surrey, London and throughout the South-East

About his talks...

John’s presentations are power point presentations and he supplies all of the equipment. He requires only that the venue provide a table no less than 3 feet square.


Fees start at £125 for small clubs (with a concession for Womens Institutes). The fee quoted will include travel expenses. I may be available at  Short Notice – it is worth giving me a ring.

My Contact Details:

07759 609 959

The Amazing World of Magic

This talk has been honed to perfection over 40 years. You will hear about the oldest magician known to mankind, the oldest trick in magic, scams based on that trick and how to avoid being caught out, the first book written about magic, the dawning of respectability, two famous magicians and the current magic scene. You will also be shown some different styles of magic which will entertain and amuse.

***I do not use PowerPoint for my land based talks on The Amazing World of Magic because this is such a fun, visual presentation in any event…. however, because of my work with the cruise lines, a PowerPoint version is available and should that be what is required, this is not a problem.

Harry Houdini – Part 1

Hear the truth about Harry’s place of birth, his deprived childhood, his fascination with magic, his whirlwind romance, his trek up the show business ladder from rock bottom, his success and the challenges it brought and his sensational publicity stunts.

The last 13 years of Harry’s life were in many respects more sensational than the first 39. You will hear about his most incredible and dangerous trick and his non magic exploits in aviation, film making and spiritualism. Hear about his contemporaries and their influence on him. Finally hear the truth about his death and its consequences.

An incredible life which cannot be given justice in a 45 minute session.

Chung Ling Soo

A little known name today but in his heyday a world sensation. A Scots/American who had the nerve to call himself the ONLY genuine Chinese magician in the world! He gambled with the most dangerous trick in magic – one which even the great Houdini would not attempt. This talk encompasses the 13 other magicians who have tried this trick and met with grizzly ends.

Tommy Cooper

This ungainly, tall, ugly, incompetent magician only had to stand on stage and the public would laugh. As soon as he chuckled, shrugged his shoulders, coughed or did a stage shimmy the audience was his. Even now his shows are repeated on television to large audiences who cannot help laughing at his antics. What was he really like and what led him to this successful formula? Hear John’s talk on Tommy to find out.

What people say about my talks

Hello, Dianne, I think that I told you that I was booked to talk on Harry Houdini as part of their Royston Pike series of lectures. Not many there but we had a good time. What was really exciting for me was that the nephew of Harry’s cabinet maker came to the talk.I always give feedback forms to those booking me. Amongst other things EBC said that they had received emails from members of the audience asking if i could be booked to give another talk in the same series next year. November 2015


‘ We had John Field as a guest speaker on Friday 11th March. As a magician he was brilliant but also he was very funny. He entertained us for an hour and no one fell asleep. I would have no hesitation to recommend him to all the Kent ARA’s and anybody else for that matter, and also a lovely fella.’

Barry, EdenARA

John Field Contact Details:

07759 609 959

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