Judith Hood

Location: Maldon, Essex
About The Speaker...

I am a Mother of three wonderful Sons and despite being self-employed for most of my life I am still trying to work out what I want to do when I grow up. I re-married in 2017 and my husband is the reason behind my finally realising that maybe I should embrace my paranormal life and run with it. Life is constantly changing but never boring and the path is most definitely exciting.

About my presentation...

I am a stand alone speaker, no equipment, just me. Normally, a talk will last for 45 minutes, although this can be structured to suit your requirements. I love to travel and subject to travel expenses and overnight stay costs if necessary, I am happy to give my talks anywhere in the UK.


My fee is £75.00
Travel expenses are calculated as follows:-
If I am travelling no more than 15 miles from my home in Maldon Essex CM9 4YU it is free.
Beyond 15 miles I charge 35p per mile return.

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Living with the Paranormal

Judith Hood is a Psychic Medium and Public Speaker from Maldon in Essex.

I was 14 when I saw my first spirit as a full apparition or so I thought; recently I have discovered it was happening even earlier than that.  Throughout my life I have experienced things which are generally considered to be paranormal.  It has been ten years since I discovered exactly what it was that was happening to me.  This lighthearted talk will explain how it felt to suddenly realise just how different I am and what occurred to prove just how real it all is.  Many of the tales are startling and most certainly thought provoking.

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