Katharine Collett

Location: Haywards Heath, West Sussex
About me...

I am a professional speaker, singer and entertainer. After a successful career in communication and professional development I decided to utilise what I had learnt by building a business which combines all of my skills. This combination of speaking and singing works really well for my clients.
My talks are very well received by a wide variety of audiences such as Arts and History Societies, U3A, Women’s Institute, and Probus.
Whether you are looking for an after lunch or dinner speaker or a speaker for your monthly meetings, I can help you and you will find my talks to be innovative, informative and entertaining.

About my Talks...

I always wear an appropriate outfit that will add glamour and style to your chosen theme and the presentations last for 45 minutes – but can be adapted to meet your needs.
I am a stand-alone speaker and need only a small space to stand. I also have a microphone and speakers suitable for most venues.
I am happy to entertain as an After Dinner Speaker as well as at less formal venues. I speak preferably within the southern counties, as I live in West Sussex.


Fees start at £100 for small clubs (with a concession for Women’s Institutes). The fee quoted does not include travel expenses (charged at 45p/mile). I may be available at Short Notice – it is worth giving me a ring.

My Contact Details:

07900 884 097

Downton Revisited

Has your group visited Highclere Castle?
Would they like another Downton Abbey Experience? Katharine’s talk will give them just that!

Her talk includes interesting facts about Edwardian entertaining and dining. Did you know that they enjoyed seven courses and then pudding? The corsets must have been somewhat under strain!

Katharine takes you to an Edwardian afternoon tea wearing an outfit typical of the occasion. She also illustrates her talk by reliving some of the scenes from Downton Abbey and then singing some of the songs featured in the series. These include “Let me call you Sweetheart” and “I’ve got Rhythm”.

The Great Gatsby

Was life really like that 100 years ago?
Gangsters, booze and flappers; were they fact or fiction?
The talk explores each aspect of how the film and book captures the mood of the 1920s.
Katharine takes you to one of Gatsby’s famous parties wearing an outfit typical of the occasion. She also illustrates her talk by singing some of the songs featured in the film. These include “Putting on the Ritz” and “It had to be You”.

Music and Morale

How did songs help win the war?
You may remember the songs, but perhaps not the interesting stories behind them.
The fascinating story of how music and songs were used to build morale in the troops and people at home is a great way to entertain your group.
Katharine takes you to a 1940s wartime dance and brings to life this period. She will delight all with songs such as “Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major” and “We’ll Meet Again”.

James Bond

A Hollywood Social History Lesson!
If you look back at the last 60 years it is surprising how the James Bond films have captured some of the major changes taking place in the world.
This talk explores how the films are actually a snapshot of political and social history, technological developments and of the changing role of women.
A fascinating history accompanied by a great soundtrack of Katharine singing some of the best Bond theme tunes such as “Goldfinger” and “Skyfall”.

Deck the Halls

What the Victorians did for us at Christmas.
You may be surprised to know how many elements of our Christmas celebrations are attributed to the Victorians.
Did you know that Father Christmas was around before the Saxons, but was reinvented by the Victorians?
Katharine brings the “wow” factor to this talk with her Victorian red dress. Perfect for her singing “Santa Baby” and “Silent Night”.

Legacies of Screen and Stage

Can Songs Really Leave a Legacy?
Songs from Broadway and Hollywood have been impacting us from the 1920s onwards.

This talk explores some of the surprising ways that songs have left a legacy, for example by changing our social attitudes…..

Katharine also reviews how costumes are used to enhance stories and illustrates her talk with songs which include “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Send in the Clowns”.

Katharine Collett Contact Details:

07900 884 097

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