Keith Edwards

Location: Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
About me...

I’ve been a caver for over thirty years and have explored most of the major caving systems in this country. As well as being a member of Dudley Caving Club, I am also a member of the Midlands Cave Rescue Organisation and have been a volunteer in a number of cave rescue incidents for which I have received the Queen’s Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee Medals.

I am also an award-winning cave videographer. My videos can be viewed on my YouTube channel at They have received critical acclaim from the caving community and the channel is one of the most popular caving channels on YouTube. The video view count is now over 54 million and I have almost 87 thousand subscribers.


About my Talk...

I supply all necessary equipment to present my talk except a screen (or a friendly wall) and a table.

The light-hearted/humorous talk usually lasts about 50 minutes but can be made longer or shorter, or tailored to meet the needs of the audience. There are also modules on cave development, cave formations, caving techniques, equipment and rescue all illustrated with video clip and anecdotes.


My fee is £60 plus travelling expenses at 50p per mile when driving more than 10 miles from my home in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. I am willing to travel up to 30 miles from Bromsgrove.


My Contact Details:

01527 395001

07939 042467

Caves and Potholes of Great Britain

The underground world is full of excitement but can also be dangerous for the unwary and inexperienced. Adventures abound and there is fun to be had. Abseiling down Britain’s deepest natural underground cavity, Titan in Derbyshire, at 450 feet deep (as tall as the London Eye) is the ultimate adrenaline rush and there it is a fantastic feeling knowing that very few people ever go to the places and see the sights that cavers are privileged to witness.
I have attempted to capture some of this excitement, danger and fun on video. The tag line for many of these videos is, “Remember we do these caves so that you don’t have to.” As well as showing a number of clips from my videos the talk will also be illustrated with photographs from Brendan Marris and Mark Burkey who are both award winning underground photographers and fellow members of Dudley Caving Club.
The talk lasts approximately 50 minutes.

What people say about my talk

Testimonials & Reviews


“Last night we had a super talk by Keith. He gave us the best talk that we had had in a long time. When I say talk, his presentation had the lot. He had warmth, wit, pictures, videos with sound the lot.
His talks educated us in differing ways and the illustrations concerning how caves are formed and then develop were so informative.
I could not help but feel that if any members couldn’t make the evening for whatever reason then they missed a great evening. Thoroughly recommend.”

Denis – Worcester Birmingham and Droitwich Canals Society – January 2023



Praise from Clent WI

In October we had a brilliant 5 Star Session with Keith Edwards – ‘Underground Delights’. Keith had gallantly, if nervously, come to Sheila’s rescue, when a colleague could not meet the date. He expertly guided us through the labyrinthine world of caving, with all its mystery and danger. We began to understand that what drives people to clamber down swaying ladders, with only a head lamp for illumination; squeeze themselves through the smallest, narrowest spaces and to dive deep into underground lakes, was that this to them is FUN! We could see that it might be.

The camaraderie among cavers was much in evidence not only in the slides and video clips but also in Keith’s amusing commentary. If you’ve a mind to see these wonderful rock formations hidden below ground and this seems like your idea of fun, Dudley Caving Club are your people. This brilliant talk was Keith’s first! We’re sure it won’t be the last.
Praise from Sandwell U3A

Keith Edwards visited us in June (2016) and told us all about his life as a member of Dudley Caving Club and also about the history of the club when it was originally called Dudley Cave Rescue Team. Keith has won numerous awards for his film work and he showed us lots of photographs and short films of places they have explored and also told us about several rescue operations they have been involved in. Keith’s presentation was very interesting and humorous and enjoyed by all of our members. However, unfortunately he didn’t get any new recruits from our members – better luck next time!!!! Excellent.

Keith Edwards Contact Details:

01527 395001

07939 042467

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