Laurence Snell

Location: Billericay, Essex
About The Speaker...

I’ve been speaking in public engagements for over 20 years. I find it a privilege to connect with people about subjects we find interesting or to teach a new idea or topic to the audience.

In my life I have had different roles and work with a variety of people giving me a unique perspective on life. Now as a husband and Father I have realised the importance of having a good work life balance and finding happiness with those closest to you.

I aim in all my engagements to motivate and inspire people to achieve their best and to reach their personal goals what ever they may be.

About Their Talks...

I aim to give my best in all that I do so when I give each presentation the time and effort in the preparation as possible to give you a great experience and your listeners a great experience.

Most of my talks are Stand Alone and I am able to present with or without projected slides as keeping the audience engaged is one of the skills I have gained over the years of public speaking. (If you would like a Presentation with slides or images I am happy to provide the Laptop and Slides but the projector would need to be arranged by yourself.)

I am versatile and can create a custom presentation or workshop for you on a topic that suits your event, please contact me to negotiate the price for a custom presentation.

I can be available at short notice for talks and presentations and workshops.


I charge between £80.00 to £130.00 depending on the length of the presentation. Bookings over 10 miles from my base in Billericay, Essex will require travel expenses to be covered.

I can provide for an extra fee sound equipment if required. Please contact me for a tailored price.

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The Art of Public Speaking

Have you ever had to get up in front of a crowd and give a Speech? Maybe for a wedding or for a presentation at work? If you have you’ll know just how nervous you can get when speaking to a crowded room. Learning the Art of Public Speaking can make you feel more relaxed and confident helping you to be yourself and win over the audience. In this talk I’ll give you 6 ways to master public speaking. These are not complicated, taking years to master. But simple techniques you can use to transform your ability to speak to an audience.

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