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Location: Manningtree, Essex
About The Speaker...

As a professional speaker, fierce voice, appeared on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and BBC author of two books. I have a Batchelors degree and worked for many years in the care sector concerning mental health. As a Transformational therapist I will be discussing issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, gender identity, relationships and abuse the many issues many people struggle with today.

I have lived an alternate life as a Transman I have had immense highs and also sank into a pit of despair. Having risen like the Pheonix rising, I openly and candidly share my experiences with you and passionate about helping others “A calling” I could not refuse. Discuss methods used to solve many of the issues go through combined with the metaphysical, universal laws, regarding thoughts, feelings and actions in your daily lives the understanding neuro science. Re-programme your mind, heal and manifest better healthier happier life.

About Their Talks...

My talks will have you inspired, teary and warmed with laughter, inter-speed with facts which will have you piqued, riveted to your seats. Talks are stand alone, although a microphone is needed if available. I can vary the length of talks which are usually 45mins to anything you require from 30 mins to 60 mins more if required. I can also include multi-media 45 mins Power Point including Q and A, tools and techniques used in order to heal, change your reality through mediations, breathing techniques, affirmations. Your thoughts and words are powerful in order to create and manifest what you want into your life, positive thoughts and actions is the key.


My fee is £50.00 – £150.00 depending on the size of the audience. For venues more than ten miles away from my home address in Essex, travelling expenses will apply.

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Spirit /Psychic

Although heart-breaking, story have to share is inspirational 1st book published 2016 appeared in popular UK Psychic magazine received 5 Star review for book. I had a tumultuous family history combined with gender identity crisis for 40 years my life. So book good read on several levels. From darkness into the light speak about how the spirit world can enter our lives even in the most unexpected ways such as the angels, other realms existence, higher consciousness, how all suffering can one day make sense to learn grow and expand. All experiences are of value to soul.

I will be discussing angels, paranormal all things, higher consciousness, reincarnation, who we are? Why are we here? Earth learning school, messages, signs, your angels, how the universe works, divine intervention. I am a lightworker here one of the 144,000 starseed spiritually awakened went through major transformation, re-engineered myself receiving downloads messages angels to follow my purpose. Discuss how you can benefit your lives on your journey working on self with divine INTERNAL connect within, with nature source God energy, since everything is energy in the universe not running around EXTERNAL this will change your world externally, working from within. Rest here is an illusion. You are infinite, beings of consciousness, the body is just a vessel.


With the wonderful work I am doing here I will be discussing the importance meditation as a transformational therapist. It is intertwined with the work I am doing in which I will discuss the benefits of meditation gives you sense of calm, peace and balance. Discuss benefits reducing anxiety, relaxation, remove stress, sleep deprivation. Why its important use meditation regularly even if it is just 5 to 10 minutes of your day at regular intervals.

Discuss the different types meditation tools and techniques used discussed second book publication self-help book road to recovery from trauma, losing loved ones, healing your inner child. How to create life you want manifest what you want into your life, to be abundant, be it love, financially, healthy relationships and healthy happier life. The angels want see you all abundant it is your birth right to be abundant. I will be discussing the power of meditation also, that you are co-creators in my second book Transmangelic how you can heal the inner child within all of us.


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