Lynne Carroll

Location: Exeter, Devon
About The Speaker...

I am a successful writer living in mid-Devon following a successful career in the criminal justice sector. Four years ago my husband and I returned to live in UK following 10 years living in Australia; 5 years in Cairns, Far North Queensland, followed by 5 years in Canberra, the nation’s capital.
I possess many years of successful public speaking experience, delivering from small audiences to those of up to 500 delegates.
Although I have written novels, recently I have been concentrating on writing short story fiction and am regularly published in leading women’s magazines.

About Their Talks...

My talks centre around my five years’ working at Lanyon; a historic Australian settlers’ homestead situated in the rural landscape around Canberra.
Those five years have provided not only an in-depth of knowledge of the homestead’s history and residents, human and animal; but also a wealth of humorous and exciting anecdotes.
Although primarily employed as a tourist guide, my various roles included temporary housekeeper and wedding arranger.
As a Brit, to wander through outback paddocks with a set of keys to unlock convict-labour built barns while serenaded by vivid birdlife and mindful of not-so friendly local wildlife, was a memorable and tremendous privilage.
All talks are accompanied by colourful and interesting Powerpoint slides.


£75 per talk plus travel expenses for face-to-face delivery. (Preferred)
£75 for talk via zoom

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Lanyon: A glimpse behind the doors of an Australian settlers' homestead

A light-hearted, but informative talk on Lynne’s experience as a Brit working at Lanyon Homestead, Canberra, Australia. The talk covers general history; details of the early inhabitants including convict labour and early settlers. Also included is Lynne’s experiences meeting the various wildlife inhabitants of the rural homestead and its surrounding sheep and cattle station; friendly and not-so friendly!
The talk is accompanied by colourful and interesting Powerpoint slides.

Convicts and Settlers: early immigrants to Australia

An enlightening talk covering the experiences of early settlers and convicts travelling to, and arriving in Australia during the 19th century. Although very different their reasons for taking up residence in the Colony of New South Wales; lives of early settlers and convicts often overlapped as they often found themselves dependent upon each others’ skills and knowledge. Convicts were deported to the other side of the world with little or no expectation of ever seeing Britain or their families again. Their tales of life on the convict hulks while awaiting deportation; the 3 to 6 month voyage; their work assignments on arrival; even their exploits as bushrangers are fascinating.
The talk will focus on members of Lanyon Homestead’s early free settlers; their convict labour team and the mighty dynasty founded on sheep and cattle ranching.

Writing Short Story Fiction for Magazines

As a regular contributor of short story fiction to two leading women’s magazines, Lynne will explain how to:
..Target your magazine
..Write within the boundaries of that magazine’s guidelines
..Edit your work
..Submit your story to a magazine’s editor
..Understand the implications surrounding copyright with regards to a contract for paid contributions

There will be opportunities for practical exercises for attendees and a question and answer session.

This session is suitable for delivery to Creative Writing Groups

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