Margaret Gilman

Location: Oakham, Rutland
About me...

I live near Oakham in Rutland and have retired. I have a B. Sc. Hons.(1st class) from Manchester University. My hobbies are numerous, from playing the vibraphone and piano accordion to learning and speaking several languages. Twice a week, I attend tai’ chi   classes. My children and grandchildren keep me entertained and I enjoy helping them with their physics and languages.

About my Talks...

My talks, which I’ve been giving intermittently for the last ten years are on three totally diverse topics. All are PowerPoint with my own photographs supplemented by various (heavily edited by me) music in the background where appropriate. I do not use any notes.
Each talk lasts approximately 50-55 minutes. I bring my own laptop but need an up-to-date digital projector (compatible with Apple and recent high-powered Dell laptops) to be set up for me, as well as a sound system.


I charge £80 for each Talk, plus reasonable travel expenses/mileage costs, dependent on the length of time required to reach the venue and the costs incurred on getting there and back.

My Contact Details:

01572 770882

”VIVA VERDI !! The man - the music”

I have studied the entire life and music of this beloved operatic composer and have visited all his properties, theatres and haunts in Milan, Busseto and Le Roncole. I include in my Presentation, rare photos of these and other pertinent venues to which I have been privately invited. (Eg. Casa de Riposo, the musicians’ rest home in Milan, paid for exclusively by him, his theatre in Busseto and his permanent suite at The Grand Hotel in Milan.) I have heavily edited a chosen aria in a few of his operas and have the relevant pictures
flashing in on the beat. This is a lively, and favourite Presentation of mine. I give it without notes, in order to have a personal rapport with the audience.

“Monument Valley and the Navajo Tribe.”

A five minute introduction on how to reach this stunning location in Arizona, followed by a very brief history of the Navajo American Indian tribe. The main topic concerns my off-road trip with a Navajo Guide into some of the less accessible areas of this beautiful place. I have numerous photos which I took during this trip, which depict their present-day life and work.

The first and final slides have appropriate music which I have edited. I do not use any notes.

“From Jodrell Bank to M82 Starburst and Beyond.”

A history of the Jodrell Bank (Lovell) radio Telescope from my time there whilst at Manchester University shortly after its inception, to the present day.
I follow this with details of some of the weirdest and latest telescopes around the world. Included are four very short (1-3 mins.) videos of some of these telescopes with appropriate music I haveedited. The final two slides show the future developments on the Jodrell Bank site and a video of the Lovell telescope in action.

This is not a very technical high-powered “boreathon” but suitable for all abilities who are interested in quirky scientific instruments found in some of the most inaccessible, remote locations.

Margaret Gilman Contact Details:

01572 770882

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