Maria Ellis (Greenhill)

Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
About me...

I am a qualified teacher, trainer and aromatherapist. I was a teacher for 17 years and then worked for nine years as a garden designer. I am passionate about organic green living. I have been giving talks since 2007 and am a Women’s Institute approved speaker. I frequently talk to Women’s groups, gardening clubs, U3A groups etc. and am often rebooked for the following year. I also run aromatherapy workshops from home and volunteer at my local museum.

About my Talks...

I will speak to groups within 40 minutes of Milton Keynes. I use powerpoint and will bring my own projector and laptop. I also have a screen if there is none at the venue. I require a small table and electricity. Talks last 45 – 60 minutes


£100 plus petrol at 45p per mile.
For groups of less than 30 my fee is discounted to £60 plus petrol at 45p per mile.

My Contact Details:

01908 678647

My Life in a Roman Villa

A visit from ‘Maria Grenarius’ explaining her role and life in her Roman villa.

The Great Exhibition of 1851

In this talk I take a look at the wonder that was The Great Exhibition of 1851 and the inventions of the Victorians.

The Power of Aromatherapy

I have been an enthusiastic user of essential oils for over 25 years. This talk is an introduction to aromatherapy. It includes a brief history of aromatherapy and then focuses on the uses of essential oils for minor ailments, to relieve discomfort and to fragrance and clean the home.

Reduce Your Chemical Load

Why be green and organic? This talk concentrates on reducing the amount of ‘nasty’ chemicals we are exposed to so that we age well and improve our health with less chemical alternatives. I talk about food, cleaning, washing, fragrancing your home and more natural choices for skin and body care.

Planting Design – How garden designers plan a border

I reveal how I would plan a border when I was a garden designer. I share some tips and tricks of the trade to keep your borders looking good all year.

Adding style to your country garden

This talk is about the key principles to consider when designing a garden for a country property, the challenges and blessings of the plot and how to evoke a sense of place and make the most of views.

Give your garden the designer touch

Lots of design tips to give your garden a consistent style. I show you how water features, pergolas, and various focal points will contribute to your garden.

Lighten the load

I show you some of my clients low maintenance gardens and share my tips on how to design your garden to reduce its maintenance needs.


I am a qualified teacher and aromatherapist and run the following workshops. Each workshop last three hours and you go home with lots of information. These are not suitable for pregnant people. You will need sufficient table space for each participant to make a product. Payment is required in advance so the necessary supplies can be purchased. Venues need to be within half an hour driving of Milton Keynes with a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 24.

I also run these courses at my home if you wish to attend individually but spaces are limited to six people. Email me and ask to go on my aromatherapy newsletter to find out future dates for these.

Introduction to aromatherapy – Learn about the eight most useful oils and how to use them to fragrance your home and treat minor ailments. Learn how to blend them and do a hand massage. Make a product to take home. £44 per person

Refresh and Uplift with aromatherapy – Learn which oils can be used to invigorate you and make a refreshing product to take home. £44 per person

Relax with aromatherapy – Learn how to de-stress with essential oils, get an in-depth knowledge of a further eight oils and make a relaxing product to take home. £44 per person

Maria Ellis (Greenhill) Contact Details:

01908 678647

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