Marion Pettet

Location: Brentwood, Essex
About me...

Having retired from full time employment I started to give talks in 2013 to raise awareness of an amateur Ballet company’s work within the local area and found, quite unexpetedly that I really enjoyed giving the presentations. I am an approved WI speaker after successfully auditioning for the Essex Federation in October 2015.

Now also retired from my role as Chairman of the company I continue to share my love of dance and theatre with audiences from Towns’ Women’s Guilds, NWR groups, U3As, Rotary Clubs, Women’s Institutes etc.  wherever there is a desire for interesting, educational and light-hearted talks with Ballet as a central theme.

About my talks...

I have given talks to U3As, NWR groups, Rotary Clubs WI etc. My talks are accompanied by Power Point presentations with some truly beautiful pictures and last approximately 40 minutes but can be lengthened or shortened. I bring some tutus and costumes to illustrate the talks. I supply all of the equipment including a screen where necessary. All of my equipment is PAT compliant.


My fee is not for my personal benefit but I ask for a donation depending on the size of the group – a suggested minimum of £50 within ten miles of my home address in Brentwood, Essex and an audience of not more than 50 people. The fee will be donated to the MS Society, although I request reasonable expenses when outside the ‘ten miles from home’ zone.

My Contact Details:

01277 372056

It Won’t Show on Stage

Also developed and written by popular request, this talk, whilst covering brief details of my own experiences in ballet and the theatre, concentrates on costumes and costume making for the stage.

A Peep Behind the Scenes

Working with a professional standard but amateur Ballet Company has given me over 16 years’ worth of insights and experience of creating a major stage production, including the creation of stunning costumes and anecdotes of behind the scenes. The word “Ballet” could easily be replaced by “Opera, Musical Theatre or Stage Play” and, whilst tutus are mentioned (how could they not be?) it is more in terms of their creation.)
Photograph credit – Igor Bulgarin

A View from the Stalls

Developed and written by popular request, this talk, whilst covering brief details of my own experiences, concentrates on Ballet as an art form; an art form which should have an appeal to everyone. This is not a “dry” history of ballet but explores its diversity and aims to encourage a greater understanding.
Photograph credit – Tony Cockrell

Marion Pettet Contact Details:

01277 372056

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