Mark Grieves

Location: Keyham, Plymouth
About The Speaker...

Bee Farmer and Breeder in Plymouth, producing honey, beeswax products, and selected queens, making colonies from our stock 🐝
Keeping bees across Devon and Somerset.

Chair of Plymouth Beekeepers & Trustee of Devon Beekeeper’s Association.
Member of The Bee Farmers Association.

About Their Talks...

Join Mark from Black Dog Honey Bees Ltd on a journey through the world of bees, where knowledge meets passion, and discover the sweet rewards of understanding and protecting these remarkable insects.

In his talks, Mark breaks down the myths surrounding bees and shares practical advice on how to be a responsible beekeeper.
Whether you’re a beginner looking for where to start or a seasoned pro seeking some new hacks and top tips, this talk is for you.
But it’s not just about the ins and outs of beekeeping.
Talk will delve into the critical role of wild bee species and offer actionable tips on supporting their habitats, including the installation of bee hotels and cultivation of bee-friendly plants in gardens and allotments.
From honey production to its health benefits, we will explore it all, making the complex world of bees easy to understand and appreciate.
Plus, gain valuable insights on combating threats like the invasive Asian Hornet and learn how you can contribute to their control efforts.

During the summer period, an observation hive with live bees will be available for the audience to get close to.


£100 per talk + travel cost beyond 10 mile radius of Plymouth.

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