Matt Penn

Location: Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
About The Speaker...

I am a recovered alcoholic and survivor of abandonment, child sexual abuse and attempted murder. I am also the author of the best selling book Recovery is possible: An addict’s story. Originally from Medway in Kent I now live in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. I went into recovery very publicly via my Facebook page – The Matt Penn Initiative. Sharing very openly my personal recovery journey as a daily video account.

I have been interviewed on national TV and now I work to raise awareness by sharing my story to end the stigma of addiction and mental health.

About Their Talks...

I share my emotional story focused around my gateways into addiction which was the childhood traumas I survived. Abandonment, Years of child sexual abuse at the hands of a man from the age of 8 years old to late in my teens and the attempted murder that occurred when I was just thirteen years old. With the loss of my son to anencephaly sealing my life as a high functioning alcoholic.

I talk about my recovery journey during which I lost my nan, dad and uncle in the first 76 days of recovery but through developing the right mindset was able to continue on the sober pathway.

My page now has over 68,000 followers and the book I wrote during my first year of recovery has been an Amazon best seller three times in various categories.

My talks can be subject specific for motivational purposes taking from lived experience for subjects such as: The dangers of grooming, peer pressure, goal setting etc I can Tailor talks to your needs.

I also promote organisations that work in the mental health / addiction/ recovery fields and am happy to come down to your organisation and meet with you to learn about what you do and promote the support you offer on my page.

When I talk I do so with raw honesty and with a relatable approach about very taboo subjects in the hope of demonstrating that it is ok to talk about these things.

I hope to plant the seed that recovery is possible and lift the barriers to help and support for others who are struggling with mental health or addiction.


Fee starts at £65 plus expenses. Please contact me for a quote.

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Recovery is possible: An addict's story

Matt Penn and his book, 'An Addict's Story'

A recovering alcoholic and survivor of childhood traumas perspective on recovery. Matt takes you by the hand and walks with you through his first year in recovery. Not as a therapist but as a companion sharing his own intimate journey.

Grooming and child protection

Matt Penn talks about child protection

Matt shares his experience of being groomed with the 7 signs we need to be aware of as parents and guardians that he relates to through his own lived experience as a child leading up to the sexual abuse that latest for six years. With the tools that we can develop to keep our children safe

I am a survivor

Matt Penn talks about being a survivor

My story of my gateways into addiction and the childhood traumas I survived. Abandonment, child sexual abuse and attempted murder all before the age of fourteen. Leading to the death of my son to anencephaly which sealed my fate as a high functioning alcoholic.


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‘I am very pleased to see how you have been able to put your dreams into progress’

Maiie – August 2022

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