Maureen Osborne

Location: West Byfleet, Surrey
About me...

I always loved reading but didn’t know I could write myself until I was in my twenties. At the same time I discovered this, I had the good fortune to meet my future husband. He owned an art shop opposite the library where I worked as a secretary. Maurice and I enjoyed a long and happy marriage with three children and six grandchildren.

About my Talks...

My talks are ‘stand alone’ – I just get up and talk to my audience, so I don’t need any props except perhaps a small table so that I can bring a few of my published books along when the talk is appropriate (the books are not for sale).


I charge £70 for a talk, which can last one hour or whatever length of time is required. These are ‘stand alone’ talks. I do ask for travelling expenses (train fare) if the venue is not near West Byfleet in Surrey.

My Contact Details:

01932 345419

A Happy Life

A light-hearted talk : how the worst day of my life turned out to be the best. It’s also my life as a BBC scriptwriter and award-winning author of six books, short stories, plays and poems, and about the awful and delightful things that happened along the way. This is my most popular talk.

You Can Do It!

You Can Do It. This is for those who always wanted to write but don’t know how to get started. I’m so pleased that many of my students have gone on to have stories published and broadcast.

The Magic of Poetry

My favourite subject, because it touches the heart and can be truly magical. Even those who say they don’t like poetry find they enjoy listening and remembering old favourites.

Enchantment : Writing for Children.

Most of my writing has been for children and has been a great delight.

Grandma's Grandma.

How to write a historical novel. My own adult  book “Love Among the Daughters,” set in the nineteenth century took me four years, and I still live with my characters.

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

I am often asked to give this talk on a return visit, as it involves audience participation  (optional, of course). To get ideas flowing we improvise scenes, often with hilarious results.

Maureen Osborne Contact Details:

01932 345419

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