Paul Hatfield

Location: Suffolk, Felixstowe
About me...

My passion in life is scuba diving and underwater photography along with the travel that comes with it. Diving gave me the opportunity to experience amazing sites normally only glimpsed fleetingly on documentaries – so for me to share my unique photographs with people and give them a chance to linger over an unusual or incredulous picture whilst I explain why I have included it in my presentation… well, it  is just very special.

After nearly 30 years I guess I’m classified as an ‘old fogie diver’ now!  So if you book me for your club, you’ll all find out just how engaging, entertaining and informative an old fogie can be.

About my talk

This is a powerpoint presentation and I supply all of the equipment necessary to deliver the talk except a screen or clear wall.   I do not ordinarily need a mic but if the group have audio equipment that they wish me to use, I am quite happy to do so.
The talk lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, whatever is required. I enjoy audience participation and ask people to name certain creatures or give their view of the islands if they have been fortunate enough to visit this remote region.
I display diving and photography equipment utilized during the trips, hence a table upon which to display these items for the benefit of the audience would be appreciated.
I encourage a question and answer session at the end of the presentation.
Having  worked with a charity for impaired vision,  I can describe the shapes and colours of the pictures and videos if this is required.

I can give my talk as a virtual presentation (zoom)


£50 within ten miles of my home in  Suffolk. For venues further afield I charge travel expenses @ 40p per mile.

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Undersea World and Local Life of the Derawan Archipelago in Indonesian Borneo.

The Derawan Archipelago is a group of remote islands off the North East coast of Indonesian Borneo.  My presentation captures the fascination and  beauty of the undersea world around these islands and also the  travel and local life of this forgotten region .





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