Peter Sykes

Location: Stockport, Cheshire
About The Speaker...

I am a retired surgeon whose reflections on a long and rewarding career in the NHS have resulted in the publication of a number of light-hearted novels and short stories. My writing continues now in the form of a blog available at
When not writing, I pass my time enjoying the 3 G’s — Golf, Gardening, Grandchildren, oh and also, if I’m being honest, Gin and Grumbling that ‘things ain’t what they used to be’.

About Their Talks...

My talks revolve around the lighter side of hospital life; tales about Interesting patients, amusing anecdotes and humorous events that I have witnessed over the years. My aim is to be interesting, entertaining and educational.


I do not charge a fee or expenses. Instead I expect a donation to The East Cheshire Hospice, the amount varying with the size of the audience. I suggest something of the order of £3 pp with a minimum donation of £100

My Contact Details:

0161 440 9644

07774 023324

Do It Yourself Surgery

This is a demonstration, with audience participation, showing how a surgeon dons a sterile gown and gloves, and then performs a keyhole operation.

The demonstration is interspersed with many amusing medical stories and anecdotes.

The life of a Junior Hospital Doctor

This talk takes us back to the 60s and 70s when the hours worked by junior doctors in hospital were atrocious. The harsh conditions though resulted in a bloody minded determination to succeed, just as might develop in a group of squaddies faced with a formidable sergeant major. It didn’t stop the doctors from having some fun though and we hear of many amusing episodes that helped to see them through.

Testimonials & Reviews


“Peter visited our club on the 17th November 2021. His audience was around 40 members, who greatly enjoyed his talk about his life as a junior doctor and becoming a surgeon specialising in key hole surgery. Some high lights of his talk included having to pronounce a patient dead, who had died when he was a junior doctor on call throughout an evening, which was proving uneventful until he got a call from a ward sister to tell him one of her patients had died and she needed him to come and certify the death. All his training to date was to keep patients alive and he had never been told how to determine that a patient had died. Fortunately the ward sister recognised his inexperience and was able to guide him through the procedures so that he could then sign the death certificate.
Another highlight was demonstrating how a surgeon gowns up for an operation, using one of our members as a model. You would think that scrubbing up, putting on a gown and rubber gloves would be a straight forward affair. Not a bit of it, as Peter demonstrated with his model, which brought gales of laughter from his audience. His demonstration of key hole surgery not on our member model but on an inanimate hardboard model with a garden cane as the operating equipment.
We will definitely be having Peter back again to give us another humorous medical talk”

Chris – Glossup Probus Club – March 2022


“Peter gave a talk to our W.I. on Thursday the 12th January, 2023. He was very well received by our members and we would not hesitate to have him back in the future for the second of his amusing talks. All he asks is that the audience is lively and willing to interact. To say more would spoil it!!! Peter does not charge a fee but asks for a donation to a very worthy cause which is the East Cheshire Hospice.”

Barbara – Timbersbrook W.I – January 2023




Peter Sykes Contact Details:

0161 440 9644

07774 023324

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