Peter Sykes

Location: Stockport, Cheshire
About The Speaker...

I am a retired surgeon whose reflections on a long and rewarding career in the NHS have resulted in the publication of a number of light-hearted novels and short stories. My writing continues now in the form of a blog available at
When not writing, I pass my time enjoying the 3 G’s — Golf, Gardening, Grandchildren, oh and also, if I’m being honest, Gin and Grumbling that ‘things ain’t what they used to be’.

About Their Talks...

My talks revolve around the lighter side of hospital life; tales about Interesting patients, amusing anecdotes and humorous events that I have witnessed over the years. My aim is to be interesting, entertaining and educational.


I do not charge a fee or expenses. Instead I expect a donation to The East Cheshire Hospice, the amount varying with the size of the audience. I suggest something of the order of £2 pp with a minimum donation of £80

My Contact Details:

0161 440 9644

07774 023324

Do It Yourself Surgery

This is a demonstration, with audience participation, showing how a surgeon dons a sterile gown and gloves, and then performs a keyhole operation.

The demonstration is interspersed with many amusing medical stories and anecdotes.

The life of a Junior Hospital Doctor

This talk takes us back to the 60s and 70s when the hours worked by junior doctors in hospital were atrocious. The harsh conditions though resulted in a bloody minded determination to succeed, just as might develop in a group of squaddies faced with a formidable sergeant major. It didn’t stop the doctors from having some fun though and we hear of many amusing episodes that helped to see them through.

Peter Sykes Contact Details:

0161 440 9644

07774 023324

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