Phil O’Toole

Location: Devon
About The Speaker...

Philip O’Toole is a fully qualified Adviser regulated by the FCA. He has been advising on Financial Services and Legal Services for over 35 years. He is based near Dartmouth, Devon but is more than happy to attend meetings further a field. He is a father of four daughters, the youngest is 21, so his duties as an unpaid Taxi driver are over, giving more flexibility regarding the timing of Talks.

About Their Talks...

His talks are about Estate Planning and/or the good and not so good aspects of Equity Release. His delivery is professional but also with a light -hearted approach leaving the listener informed and ready to deal with their own situations.

He is happy to answer questions but cannot advise on individual cases in the talks, but offers a follow up service for all attendees.

He does not need any equipment and is able to deliver talks in person or by Video link.


We belive that this information should be accescible to every individudal and that is why we offer this talk free of charge however I will not say no to tea and biscuits.

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Tax Care and The New Guy

Estate Planning may not be as fun to think about as booking a trip or checking out a restaurant review, but without it, could you imagine losing everything you worked so hard for? Silvertime Legal is here to offer an informative group community talk. The talk we would like to deliver is called Tax, Care and The New Guy.

We work with local communities throughout the UK to raise awareness of some important issues that potentially affect
families every single day.Whilst the message behind the talk is serious, our speakers have a way of delivering this talk that never fails to create a relaxed atmosphere and a bit of laughter. Most importantly there is no pressure.

If your group were to receive a talk by our expert speakers, you can be assured of thought-provoking content.

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