Rodney Paul

Location: Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
About me...

My name is Rodney Paul. I worked as a Project Manager in IT in the healthcare sector before taking retirement in 2018. I have a passion for all things Antarctic and my talk gives me the opportunity to share this with other people.

About my Talks...

The talks last between 45 minutes and a hour. I bring my own laptop and projector, but don’t own a screen.

I am happy to travel up to 20 miles from my home which is near Burton on Trent in Staffordshire. I can travel to Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

I may be able to fit in at short notice – always worth giving me a ring.

I have a talk on Sir Ernest Shackleton, one of the world’s greatest explorers, a talk on the Antarctic ‘The Coldest Place on Earth’ and now on South Georgia, one of the remotest islands on earth.


I charge £50 plus travel expenses of 45p per mile


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The Antarctic Adventures of Sir Ernest Shackleton

This presentation is about the heroic adventures of one of the world’s greatest ever explorers. It provides an account of the various expeditions that Sir Ernest Shackleton undertook to the Antarctic.  He was an inspirational leader; determined to succeed even under the harshest of conditions but was never afraid of admitting defeat, if the welfare of his men was at risk.  He led the infamous Endurance Expedition to the Antarctic which resulted in an open boat journey across the most hostile ocean in the world.  Shackleton inspired his men like no other explorer of his time, as will be demonstrated during the talk.

Shackleton is my personal hero and although I’m by no means an expert on his explorations, I will bring his endeavours to life by recounting his exploits through photographs and stories.  I’ve visited the Antarctic twice and have been to South Georgia where he is buried.  At the end of my talk we will toast the great man with a ‘wee dram’ (venue restrictions permitting) of Shackleton whisky.

The Coldest Place on Earth - Antarctica

Public Speaker in Staffordshire Rodney Paul presents his talk The Coldest Place on Earth - Antarctica

‘The Coldest Place on Earth’  covers some of the geographical aspects of the continent, then onto the early expeditions, including Shackleton, Mawson and some more recent exploits into the region and then a series of pictures on the wildlife and ice. I am fortunate to have been there twice and consequently have a wealth of pictures. I describe myself as ‘not an expert, but passionate about the place’.

I have a number of artefacts connected to Shackleton which I am happy to show at a presentation, in addition to letting people have a ‘wee dram’ of Shackleton whisky (venu’s restrictions permitting) and telling the story behind the bottle.

South Georgia – one of the remotest islands on earth

Public Speaker in Staffordshire Rodney Paul presents his talk South Georgia – one of the remotest islands on earth

South Georgia is often described as the Galapagos of the Southern Hemisphere or the Island on the Edge of the World. It is a fascinating place, as it was a focal point for much of the whaling industry, was fought over during the Falklands War, has more wildlife per square foot than anywhere else on earth and is the final resting place of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

The talk provides an insight to this tiny island that has featured so much in our history and offers an insight to the intrepid travellers who brave some of the roughest seas to see the magnificent wildlife.

Sir Ernest Shackleton’s remarkable journey to and across the island is regarded as one of the greatest ever feats of endurance. The talk will try to describe the ordeal that he and his men went through and will end with a toast to the he great man with a ‘wee dram’ (venue restrictions permitting) of Shackleton whisky.

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