Roger Hance

Location: Colchester, Essex
About me...

I am a retired nature and landscape photographer living in Colchester, Essex. I have been involved in photography for over 30 years, and have given talks to Camera Clubs, RSPB Groups, Wildlife Trusts, U3A Groups, WI. groups, Probus Groups and Gardening Clubs for nearly 25 years. I am a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.
Although I photograph any subject, I have always had a keen and active interest in photographing and recording the Natural History and Landscapes found within the British Isles. Consequently, I have put numerous talks together covering birds, mammals, insects and butterflies, reptiles, wild flowers, orchids, and fungi, along with the landscapes in which they are found.

About my Talks...

Most talks last approximately 50 minutes – one hour.  If the presentation is required to be in two sections with a coffee/tea break after 45 minutes I can make the necessary adaptations. The talks are given on a digital projector using Pix to Exe software with approximately 120 images in each presentation. I talk about each image as the talk progresses. I bring all my own equipment, laptop, digital projector, table and extension lead and I can bring a screen if necessary.
I am available during daytime and evenings, and can be available at short notice providing I have no other commitments.


I charge £70 for the talks plus travel expenses. I am prepared to travel anywhere within a 75 mile radius of my home in Colchester.

My Contact Details:

01206 571678

Nature Through The Seasons - Spring and Summer

This talk shows some of the birds, mammals, insects, wild flowers and orchids that are found in Spring and Summer. Generally speaking, this period is the height of activity for most of our wildlife. The talk shows birds collecting nesting material, bringing in food for their chicks, and some of the early flowers and orchids found in May and June. It shows Foxes and their Cubs, Frogs and Toads, Badgers, and the Butterflies and Insects which are at their height of activity in the warmth of Spring and Summer.


Nature Through the Seasons - Autumn and Winter

This talk shows how nature copes when conditions are turning colder. As winter approaches and cold weather starts to bite, different sets of wildlife comes to the fore. It covers : Red Kites in Mid Wales, Seals on beaches in Norfolk, Red Squirrels and Deer in the Scottish Highlands. It also includes the wonderful assortment of Fungi and Lichens found in our woodlands, waders and birds of our estuaries and shorelines, as well as birds in the snow and much more.



Landscapes throughout the British Isles

This talk shows some of the beautiful landscapes and seascapes that we have in the British Isles. Although a lot of people go abroad for their holidays, this talk shows some of the spectacular scenes that are offered nearer to home. It includes images from Cornwall, Devon, the Scottish Highlands, the Northumbrian Coast, North Wales and Snowdonia, Anglesey, the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, the Sussex Coast , East Anglia and the Lake District.


British Birds - Part 1

This talk covers some of the amazing birds the we have in the British Isles. Some common, some not so common ! It covers garden birds, birds of farmlands and meadows, birds you may see on a walk through a wood early in spring, birds of rivers and streams. It also shows Puffins and other seabirds found on the Farne Isles, as well as some of our wonderful Birds of Prey. Also included are birds like Swallows and Pied Flycatchers, birds that travel hundreds of miles to come to this country to breed, before returning home to Africa for the winter.

British Birds -Part 2

This talk is a continuation of the British Bird talk and shows Gannets on the Bass Rock in Scotland, marshland and wading birds at the Elmney Reserve in Kent, and birds photographed at a private hide on an estate near Ipswich. Also shown are birds from Welney Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, birds of Heathlands, Red Grouse and Golden Plovers on the Yorkshire Moors, and Wading birds in our estuaries and RSPB reserves like Titchwell and Cley.

The Wildflowers of the British Countryside - Part 1

This talk is aimed at Gardening and Horticultural Societies. It covers wild flowers and some of our Orchids that can be found in different types of habitat -wildflower meadows, marshes, coastal areas, rivers and streams, roadside verges and broad leaved woodlands. It also covers some of the wild flowers that have medicinal properties used in olden times.


The Wildflowers of the British Countryside - Part 2

This is a continuation of the Wild flowers talk. This talk covers some of the rarer wild orchids and flowers that are found in the countryside, as well as looking at some of the wild plants that are either poisonous or harmful to touch.


Life in the Undergrowth

This talk looks at some of the diverse ranges of butterflies, moths, insects and invertebrates that can be found in the countryside. It looks at the different habitats some butterflies have , as well as showing their life cycles and foodplants. It also shows some of the amazing dragonflies and damselflies that can be found around wet areas.


The Secret Life of a Wood

When we walk through a typical broad leafed woodland, we often do not see the wealth and breadth of the diversity of the wildlife that lives there. This talk shows some of the birds, mammals, reptiles , wild flowers and fungi found there, as well as some of the unusual subjects which at first sight are not always clearly visible.

Attracting Birds and Wildlife to your Garden

This talk shows some of the birds, mammals, amphibians, and small insects that can be found in our gardens. As a lot of the natural hedgerows in our countryside are diminishing, it is increasingly important that we try to help out nature by turning our gardens into habitats that will encourage a diversity of wildlife. This talk shows how to make your garden more `wildlife friendly` to enable us to entice birds, amphibians and insects. It also show some of the pitfalls that can be avoided if it is done in the correct manner.

What people say about my talks...............


Hadleigh and District Garden Club:  Roger’s talk was excellent together with some amazing photographs of both plants and animals. He was easy to listen to and pitched at just the right volume. Always happy to answer a question. He was so good we have invited him back this year for his talk on The Secret Life of a Wood and intend to try some other talks soon too.

Little Hallingbury Villagers:  A rather belated ‘thank you’ for giving your wonderful talk at Little Hallingbury Villagers last month.  When I spoke to you said you would be willing to give a second talk on Autumn and Winter Nature through the Seasons.  We really enjoyed your photos and would like you to visit us again next year  –     Marion Preston

Manningtree and District Photographic Society:  Just a quick email to thank you very much for your presentation to the MADPS on 5 December.  I am sure you realised how much our members enjoyed and appreciated your presentation from the reception you received on the night.  My thanks again for stepping in at short notice.  I look forward to welcoming you again soon.   – Colin Bailey

North Norfolk Photographic Society:  Simply a quick line to thank you once again for your informative and entertaining talk yesterday.  The feedback I have received today has been extremely positive. – Pam and Mike

South Woodham CC:  Just a note to say thank you for last night’s excellent talk. I know everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the evening, so many thanks- Pauline

Suffolk Wildlife Trust: On behalf of everyone who was at the meeting on Wednesday evening, I should like to thank you for such a splendid talk and slide show. You really had captured such lovely photos, and we enjoyed the information you gave with each picture.  We all agreed that your sequence with the fox was great to watch. I’m sure you must have realised from the questions how interested everyone was in both the wildlife and photographic techniques. Thank you, once again, and I will look forward to having you back to our group. –  Pam Ireland

Roger Hance Contact Details:

01206 571678

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