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Location: Lincolnshire
About Steve Short AIMC Public Speaker and Magician...

I have been a full time professional entertainer and speaker for more than 30-years and have entertained on cruise ships and appeared on television and radio.
I have given talks and entertained audiences of all types and spoken at many venues and for various functions including after-dinner engagements, charity events, National Trust, Rotary, PROBUS, TWG, WI, U3A.

About my presentations...

I bring my own special kind of dynamism to any event or gathering. I also inject verve, amazement and laughter to my talks.
My talks are illustrated with photos and video clips and I supply all of the equipment including a screen where necessary. I am based in Lincolnshire and will travel anywhere in UK. My talks last between 45 and 90 minutes, the latter with a break depending on your requirements. All of my equipment is PAT compliant.


I am based in Lincolnshire and will travel anywhere in UK – my fee is £149 and is subject to travelling expenses

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07803 125180

David Nixon

During the 1960s and 70s, David Nixon was the best known magician in the UK and one of the most popular TV personalities. He was also inspirational in shaping Steve Short’s career as a professional magician.
David was born at Muswell Hill, North London on 29 December 1919 and for more than twenty years, millions of British television viewers tuned in to watch him perform his true wizardary. As a panellist on ‘What’s My Line? ‘or as the host of ‘It’s Magic’ and many other shows, David Nixon was not just a magician, but a peerless performer whose warmth and wit made him a natural star.

This presentation includes a magical routine that David featured in his shows performed by Steve and will bring memories of him flooding back to anyone old enough to remember David Nixon’s charismatic appearances on our television screens.

Morecambe and Wise

Steve brings to life the story of how a young Eric Morecambe met a young Ernie Wise, with photos and video clips Steve tells his audience the journey they had to become Britain’s best ever double act.
In a partnership that lasted from 1941 until Eric Morecambe’s death on 28 May 1984 aged 58, Eric and Ernie were regarded as Britain’s best loved double act. Their career together began when they were booked separately to appear on the Jack Hylton revue ‘Youth Takes a Bow’.
They appeared on radio but their first TV appearance in Running Wild in 1954 received poor reviews. Yet, two years later they returned in a spot on the Winifred Atwell Show.
From then on Eric and Ernie appeared in a series of shows over the next 20-years. The duo also starred in four feature films. In 1976 Eric and Ernie were both awarded the OBE.
This entertaining presentation will bring back many memories of a much loved comedy partnership.

Tommy Cooper

I went to the doctor; he said … “I’d like you to lie on the couch” I said: “What for?” He said: “I want to sweep the floor.”  Tommy Cooper was the true master of daft jokes and only he could get away with humour of this kind. He also had the facial expressions to match his comedy but his act, like his magic, that was often deliberately made to go wrong … was … well completely magical!
The great fez-wearing comic magician died on 15 April 1984 after collapsing in front of millions of TV viewers, but the memories of this legendary performer will remain in the hearts of his millions of adoring fans
In this highly thought provoking illustrated talk, Steve Short revives some of Cooper’s unique brand of artistry and tells the life story of a true clown prince of comedy and magic.

Jasper Maskelyne

An illusionist of the grand order … but did Jasper Maskelyne really create all of the wartime deceptions to fool the enemy that he claimed?
Coming from a family of magicians, Maskelyne performed successfully on stage during the 1930s and ’40s and felt his skills would be valuable to British Intelligence. To prove a point, there is a claim that he created a German warship on the River Thames using mirrors and a model. He was allegedly recruited by MI9, a division of military intelligence to devise ingenious forms of camouflage for the desert campaign. A series of small secret devices he created were also said to have helped prisoners of war escape from captivity.
But, a great deal of mystery surrounds the exploits of this rather eccentric magician. There are even claims that Maskelyne single-handedly masterminded the British Army’s success in the Western Desert. Separating fact from fiction has not been easy, but in this fascinating illustrated talk, with some deceptive magic included for good measure, Steve Short believes he has discovered the real Jasper Maskelyne.

Harry Houdini

In the latest of Steve Short’s illustrated talks, he tells the story of arguably the best escapologist the world has ever seen. Harry Houdini was born in Budapest as Erik Weisz and came to the public’s attention as ‘Harry Handcuff Houdini’ during a tour of Europe when he challenged various police forces to try and keep him locked up. He was also a stunt performer and brilliant illusionist and he worked with all manner of props including chains, ropes and straitjackets. His act often involved death defying feats. At one time his act included escaping from a water filled milk churn.
With the aid of period photographs, in this lively and entertaining talk, Steve recounts the amazing story of this most unusual and charismatic artiste. He will even replicate one or two of the great Harry Houdini’s escapes!

Norman Wisdom

Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom, OBE was raised in extreme poverty and by the age of 11 he ended up in a children’s home in Deal from which he ran away. He left school at 13 and was later made homeless after disagreements with his father and apparently walked to Wales to join the Merchant Navy in 1929. He later also worked as a coal miner, waiter and page boy.

Wisdom enlisted into the army as a drummer boy and, in 1930, was posted to Lucknow as a bandsman. The army helped him gain an education, he learned to play the trumpet, the clarinet, to ride horses and become the flyweight boxing champion of the British Army in India.

It was while performing a shadow boxing routine in the army gym, which brought so much amusement to his officers, that Wisdom discovered he had a talent for entertainment. He then began to develop his skills as a musician and stage entertainer and he first patented his persona as “The Successful Failure”.

Steve’s talk will describe Norman’s rise to fame and fortune and include facts about his appearance on a film, where Norman “helps” a magician on stage!



Laurel and Hardy

The world’s most famous double act, Laurel & Hardy, started during the early Hollywood period of American cinema. Englishman, skinny Stan Laurel (1890 – 1965) and the plump American, Oliver Hardy (1892 – 1957) made up this slapstick duo of comedians.

The two comedians became a team in 1927, wearing their emblematic bow ties and bowler hats. Their films always started with “The Cuckoo Song”, “Ku-Ku” or “The Dance of the Cuckoos” which music became as famous as the pair themselves. After 1944 Laurel & Hardy concentrated on stage shows and performances and toured the UK. They made a final film in 1950 called “Atoll K”. They became one of the greatest comedy acts of all time.

Steve will entertain you with many interesting and amusing facts about Laurel & Hardy and feature a magic routine they performed in one of their films.

What people say about my talks...

“Many thanks for coming down to Duxford and delivering such an informative and entertaining talk. It was obvious that our members thoroughly enjoyed it and to that end I will tell you that I have had phone conversations on Rotary business this morning all of which included complimentary comment on last evening.”
George Howard

Just a few words to say how much we enjoyed your Jasper Maskelyne presentation.  It combined fascinating history with jaw-dropping magic and brilliant humour.  Many people have approached me since you came to our event to say how much they enjoyed the talk and also how professional it was.  I have no hesitation in recommending you to other U3A’s and will do so at our next speaker seeker regional workshop.
Anne McLeod


I would not hesitate to ask you back: I would like to thank you for attending our RAF Waddington Royal Air Forces Association evening. Your lively talk on Morecambe and Wise was a pleasure to listen to, lots of interesting facts and stories brought to life with humour and enthusiasm. It is a breath of fresh air to find someone that clearly enjoys what they do, I have had nothing but positive feedback from the members and I think it brought back quite a few memories for some. The clip you showed us, brought to life with your own memorabilia really added that special touch to the talk. I think everyone enjoyed the audience participation!
I would not hesitate to ask you back to give us another entertaining talk, I will be recommending you to our other local groups.
It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you once again.
Cpl Kat Moir

Entertaining evening:“The Guilt Cross Group of WI.s had a very good and entertaining evening by Steve Short who is a professional magician and member of The Magic Circle. He gave us a talk and slide presentation on the life and career of David Nixon. The talk included many facts not known to the general public. Steve also showed some episodes from David’s television shows which brought back many happy memories to all of us. Would highly recommend this evening.”
Heather Kenny

Enjoyed it all immensely: “Thank you so much for attending our club and entertaining us with your talk and films about David Nixon’s life and career. The members enjoyed it all immensely. Also many thanks for the magic you performed. Yet another thank you for the distance you traveled to attend. It was a pleasure to meet you and your enthusiasm was very well received by us all.”
Christine Knight

Excellent: “The business presentation by Steve was excellent. A business seminar needs to have presenters with a character and flair to maintain interest to a more often than not, hurried and stressful group. To perform amongst one’s own peers is a very enviable skill. To present in a manner which is constructive and supportive is essential. It would be easier for someone with the magical talents and experience of Steve to talk down to a group or be self opinionated when in fact Steve took us all on a journey of intrigue, enlightenment and realisation of some of the qualities we should all consider and be conscious of in business. Thoughtful and thought provoking. Excellent.”
Jonathan Smith (Lemon|Cherry Ltd)

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07803 125180

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