Steven B Bruce

Location: Warwick, Warwickshire
About me...

Having worked as an Auctioneer & Valuer for several well-known auction houses throughout the UK, notably as founder and Managing Director of a well-known Midlands Fine Art Auctioneer, I went on to run my own busy Saleroom in Warwickshire. For 14 years I held monthly Fine Art, Antiques and Collective Sales of between 800 – 1,500 lots in addition to undertaking a full schedule of professional work selling approx. 18,000 lots per year. In 2008, I took a year off to become an antiques dealer. Consequently, my talks include many amusing anecdotes from my time as an Auctioneer and Valuer and in The Trade. I now act as a Fine Art Agent & Consultant while also undertaking valuations for Probate and Insurance.

About my talks...

I am a stand-alone speaker, so I don’t require any special equipment, though a microphone is always helpful.

My talks often conclude with the popular Road Show concept when I select and discuss some of the items the audience has been invited to bring with them to be valued – your choice, we can discuss your requirements when a booking is being made.


Groups up to 79 attendees: From £65.00
Groups of 80+ attendees: From £100.00
Charities & Fundraising: Talks Free

Mileage: No charge within a 15-mile radius of Warwick; otherwise charged at 0.45p per mile. Out of area considered with fees and expenses to be negotiated

My Contact Details:

01926 641548 Mob:07778595952

Behind the Screens

In Behind the Screens, I explain the reality behind the many TV programmes that feature buying and selling antiques and collectables.


Buying & Selling at Auction - with Stories from the Auction Room

This is an entertaining hour’s talk about the business with many humorous tales and anecdotes about the characters involved, whom to trust and why – and who and what to avoid. I examine the costs of buying and selling at auction, how to choose the best auction house – and how to get the best bargains at auction. I also relate some of the humorous experiences I’ve had during my 50 years as an auctioneer and valuer working across the UK.


I illustrate this talk with items that I have sold or am going to sell and provide an insight to what is selling currently – e.g. silver, coins, pictures etc.

The Hoarder Next Door

This is a humorous – if sometimes dark – hour’s talk about the business with an informative presentation about my experiences of dealing with deceased estates and clearances from initial instruction to final sale. I bring some of the fascinating items I’ve come across during 50 years in the business. I explain why it’s so important to use a professional Auctioneer and Valuer who will ensure that the process from initial instruction to sale and payment of the proceeds, is dealt with sensitively, correctly and professionally – regardless of whether we handle the sale of an entire Estate or a single item.

For example, we recently cleared out a large Victorian mansion near Henley in Arden. After having spent some considerable time at the property – mostly alone in the Attic examining items, thick with dust, that had lain undisturbed for more than 50 years, I found a small Italian gilt metal black slate pietra dura agate inset table casket which the owner consigned to auction and which realised £9,500. It was only then that I learned that a month or so before my visit, the family had been forced to call in an expert to exorcise a very disruptive poltergeist!

Steven B Bruce Contact Details:

01926 641548 Mob:07778595952

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