Stuart Flitton

Location: Littlehampton, West Sussex
About me...

I have been a journalist for more than 40 years. I started in Johannesburg, South Africa, covering the big and everyday events during the 1970s and 1980s. I have also worked extensively in Britain, including 22 years on The Times. I currently make a regular appearance on a local BBC radio station and have extensive experience as an amateur actor.  I have spoken to local history groups, WIs and charities.

About my Talk...

My talk is called “Journalism: My Part in Its Survival”. It is about the people I have encountered and experiences I have had as a newspaper reporter over nearly 45 years. It starts in apartheid South Africa and how working at that troubled time has informed what I do. I discuss some of the fascinating people I have met, such as Roal Dahl, Freddie Mercury and Nicky Lauda. I also talk about how technology has revolutionised newspapers – for better and worse – and my feelings now about an industry that fascinates me still.
I don’t use a projector but I bring along cuttings of my newspaper stories, which the audience is welcome to browe through,.
My talks are usually between 45 minutes to an hour but am happy to agree a shorter or longer time. I would be happy to collaborate with other speakers in a group format. I am available for day and evening events.


My fee is £75, plus travel expenses when the venue is more than 10 miles from Littlehampton. I am happy to travel long distances, for which I would discuss low-cost accommodation.

My Contact Details:

01903 415330

07984 714966

JOURNALISM - "My Part In Its Survival"

Journalism is often called “the first draft of history” and I have been lucky enough to have had a front seat to some of the most important events in the past 40 years and an inside track to the people involved. I have been privileged to witness the dramatic changes in South Africa over the past decades, edited breaking news from across the world and interviewed fascinating people. I want to share with you how a newspaper is put together and how this has changed over the years. My experience
also means I can research and talk about virtually any subject – injecting humour and interest and finding those nuggets of facts that makes people, places and events ever-fascinating.
I have had several different roles in newspapers and one of the most interesting was as deputy letters editor at The Times. This included speaking to the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Salman Rushdie, Donald Sinden and Frederick Forsyth and persuading them to accept my changes to their letters!

Photo: Interviewing David Steele, then leader of the Liberal Party, when he visited Durban, South Africa


I went into journalism because I am interested in the world around me and the people in it. My years as a reporter has led me to experience things I would have otherwise missed, such as taking part in motor racing, sitting close to ringside at a heavyweight world title boxing match, chatting with members of Queen before seeing them in concert and rushing off to cover a demonstration that turned into a riot. I also had the privilege of working at the Rugby World Cup 2015, attending press conferences, including the one just before the famous Japan victory against South Africa.
Away from work, I have spend many years on the amateur stage in groups in London, Woking and Sussex, including a starring role in the musical Blitz! and major roles in And Then There Were None and A Christmas Carol.

Photo:  After appearing in a production of The 39 Steps, with the rest of the cast and the Mayor of Woking




My experience in over forty years of journalism and as an amateur actor means I can research and talk about virtually any subject – injecting humour and interest and finding those nuggets of facts that makes people, places and events ever-fascinating.
Just let me know what you want the theme of the talk to be about and leave the rest to me.



Photo: Leaving 10 Downing Street after attending a reception for local and regional journalists addressed by Theresa May, then the Prime Minister

Testimonials & Reviews


“Stuart gave our WI Ladies a very interesting and informative talk about his career in journalism of over 40 years.
He brought various newspaper articles he had written over the years of events abroad and at home. Some of the ladies had questions which Stuart gladly answered. It was a pleasure to meet him and share his memories.”

Carol – WI – April 2022


“Stuart gave his talk The First Draft of History to our Ladies Group. It was an interesting and lively talk that was much enjoyed by our Ladies. We all enjoyed seeing some of the original articles that Stuart had written. It was a pleasure to meet him and some of the ladies had further questions which Stuart was happy to answer. We are looking forward to him coming again to present another of his talks.”

Madeline – Ladies Group – Mar 2022


“Stuart has had an interesting and varied career in journalism and was able to convey his enthusiasm for such a vital profession in an entertaining presentation of ‘My Part in its Survival’. Our audience were interested to see the large collection of press cuttings and memorabilia he brought along and to chat with him after the talk. It was a pleasure to meet such an engaging speaker.”

Linda – Mar 2023



Stuart Flitton Contact Details:

01903 415330

07984 714966

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