Sue Holden

Location: Denton, Manchester
About me...

Past lawyer, present entertainer and (aspirational) future public speaker – I seek to inform with humour.  I have been entertaining people for as long as I can remember.  I worked as a lawyer for slightly less a time, (36 years.)  I have enjoyed a fulfilling and interesting career and have a passion for learning.  The law is something that touches and confounds us all from time to time and in my professional life I strived to convey both my enthusiasm and learning.  In my retirement I seek to couple my interests to bring you an entertaining insight into the law.

About my talk...

My presentations are straight from the heart, no gimmicks, drawn from my experiences and research and delivered as a performance.


From £60 plus  travel expenses to be negotiated – please refer to each talk for more information.
Short Notice Replacement of another Speaker: If your speaker cancels at the last minute, I can often be called on to fill in.

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Bringing Law to Life with Laughter

If you’ve seen the film Oliver then you’ll know what Mr Bumble, the Beedle thinks of the law.  Have you ever wondered why certain laws exist, how did they originate or develop?  Well there is always a story, whether it be interesting, sad or funny.  Let me take you on a journey of those legal moments important in our lives, punctuated with humour and application to today’s world.


“A little light music….”


Song and verse in the traditional style accompanied by some gentle humour, including my experience as a soloist at the Bridgewater Hall.

Fee £100



“What Christmas Means to me—in flowers”

A sentimental but humorous journey through Christmas, explained in flowers, with the resulting floral art to raffle.

Fee £80



“They should’ve asked me husband”

A light hearted look at husbands (and wives) the famous, the infamous and the completely unknown.  Illustrated through fact, fiction, comedy and verse.

Fee £60


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