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Location: Sittingbourne, Kent
About The Speaker...

I’m now an independent wedding, naming and funeral celebrant but I’ve been fortunate to have had many other amazing jobs; as a radio journalist, a published author, a lecturer, a hypnotherapist, an events organiser, a public relations consultant and, for a few halcyon but back-breaking days in my early twenties, a grape-picker.
I’ve spent much of my working life in front of an audience of one kind or another, sharing my enthusiasms and knowledge.
Both I and my talks are flexible and adaptable to lots of different situations and groups. Take your pick from several talks, which are either based on my celebrancy work, or on my personal interests of history and travel.

About Their Talks...

ABOUT MY TALKS: I normally speak for up to an hour (including questions) but I’m happy to adapt according to your group.
All talks have accompanying images. They are essential for ‘The Walls Have Tongues – Graffiti in Medieval Churches’. I prefer to show images for my other talks but, if you have no facilities for a presentation, ‘There’s a Whole World Out There’ is the best talk to choose.
If you need someone at short notice – I’ll always do my best to help.


FEE: My fee is £85.00 for all talks. Once more than 15 miles from my home postcode, I charge a nominal amount towards travel.
I’m happy to travel, particularly if you happen to be somewhere that gives me a good excuse to spend time in a part of the country I’ve never visited before!
Any of the talks can be delivered online for just £65.

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The 'F' Word - The Final Taboo

Public Speaker in Kent Susan Flipping talks about The 'F' Word - The Final Taboo

A funeral can be a truly uplifting occasion and increasing numbers of people are turning to celebrants like me to create a unique and personalised celebration of life.

Yet funerals are still generally a taboo subject until we lose a loved one. Then we have to make the arrangements while coping with grief as well as decision-making.

In a life-affirming talk that has surprises, anecdotes, and more humour than you might expect, I take the fear out of looking ahead. People leave the talk better informed and those who start researching and planning for their own funeral tell me they find it enormously comforting, even empowering, to be involved in the decision making.

I take care that the talk acknowledges the sensitive nature of the topic, recognising that at least some in the audience have faced a bereavement.

NB: Please note that this talk is NOT about financial funeral planning and there is no sales pitch of any kind.

The Walls Have Tongues - Graffiti in Medieval Churches

Public Speaker in Kent Susan Flipping talks about The Walls Have Tongues - Graffiti in Medieval Churches

If you know how to look, you’ll find that many of our medieval churches are covered with graffiti – deliberate markings in the fabric of the church. The marks range from clumsy, hand-drawn shapes to images of mythical creatures to elegant geometric designs.

These mysterious marks are one of the few ways that tell us what the common people of the medieval period believed – the walls are speaking to us, we just need to work out in what language!

As part of a nationwide project to record the graffiti, I’ve personally surveyed dozens of churches over eight years, climbing towers rich in pigeon poo, crawling around dusty pews and lying prone to examine strange marks at church mouse level. By recording everything, we hope to make sense of the mix of religious belief, folklore and terror that drove our ancestors.

This talk looks at some of the most fascinating graffiti, considers what our forebears may have wanted to say and tells you how to find these mysterious markings yourself.

The History and Mystery of Funerals

Public Speaker in Kent Susan Flipping talks about The History and Mystery of Funerals

Death and the funeral rites that follow it have always reflected the culture of the time and what we consider ‘normal’ now comes from thousands of years of changing beliefs and traditions.
Our ancestors had practices that seem strange – even bizarre – to 21st century minds yet we can often see how they leave their mark even now.
The talk looks at funeral and death rites over the last thousand years and across the world, considering how they reflect the way our ancestors lived in successive generations.

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