Suzanne Kempe

Location: Lymington, Hampshire
About me...

I have lived in the New Forest for the last thirty years. I am a practising commoner-ie have the ‘right’ to turn ponies out onto the open forest.
I breed and produce New Forest ponies to a very high standard and am also a member of the New Forest Pony Judges panel
I have been lucky enough to judge ponies out in Finland and in Sweden as well as help to run a small NF pony stud in Belgium

About my talks...

My talks are fully illustrated with beautiful photos of the New Forest and its inhabitants and are suitable for a wide cross section of groups.
My talks to WI, Rotary, Probus, U3A have always been very well received and they are equally popular with the many smaller groups such as ‘Open Sight’, Knitting ,Craft,Gardening and Church Groups etc etc.
I use my own equipment- laptop and projector although I always appreciate the use of a screen rather than transporting my own


Fees: Basic fee of £50 up to a max of £75 inclusive of travel I am prepared to travel up to 40 miles through the summer but less in the winter months

I can now do virtual presentations – ZOOM

My Contact Details:

01590 675854

07436 527698

The New Forest Pony

‘More than meets the Eye’
A Celebration of this wonderful pony that we see grazing the roadsides or wandering through the villages of the New Forest.

Roaming Free

‘Life betwixt the Grids’
The New Forest is one of our newest National Parks but ponies, donkeys, cattle and pigs have had the right to ‘roam free’ for over 900 years
This beautifully illustrated talk provides an insight into the people and the animals that make the New Forest so unique.

The New Forest - A Landscape shaped by the ancient tradition of commoning.

From the times of William the Conquerer this beautiful area has been grazed by commoners livestock with the result that it is home to one of the most important heathland, ancient woodland and mire landscapes to be found in Europe. Follow my year as a commoner through the seasons, and learn how the livestock are vital for the survival of many rare species -both flora and fauna. Beautifully illustrated by my photographs taken throughout the year.

Suzanne Kempe Contact Details:

01590 675854

07436 527698

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