Wayne Newport

Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire
About The Speaker...

My name is Wayne and I’m a professional Actor. Presenter, Emcee and Speaker.

I’ve been an actor for 30+ years – predominantly on stage, but I’ve also done my share of TV, Film and Commercials. I’ve also written, directed and produced several shows for myself and other theatre companies.

I love everything “theatre”, but my biggest passion is Pantomime. My first memory was being taken to my local theatre by my Grandfather at the age of 4 to see a production of Cinderella – from that moment I was hooked. Over the years I’ve played roles from Ali Baba and Idle Jack (in my younger days) to Villains and Dames most recently. Favourite roles to date have been King Rat in Dick Whittington and Ugly Sister in Cinderella – both of which I’ve played multiple times.

About Their Talks...

My excitement for all things Theatre has spread and woven itself into my affection for history, so I’m now able to offer a series of talks based on my knowledge and research.


Varies – dependant on venue location, please check with me

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Theatrical Superstitions, Myths and Legends

There are many superstitions, myths, legends – whatever you want to call them – associated with the Theatre. We probably all know at least one, but do you know their origin or what that really means for those of us that work in the industry.
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble. (Macbeth)

Allow me to take you on an illustrated talk through some of the most common, the most wonderful and the most bizarre Theatrical Superstitions, Myths & Legends

Pantomime - the classic British tradition

Illustrated talk exploring the history of Pantomime. From its earliest origins in the Middle Ages, through to the lavish spectacular productions we know today – we’ll journey through some fact and fiction of this popular entertainment.
The Stories, the Characters, the Traditions – I have lots of tales to tell…. Oh, yes I have!

There’s no business like show-business and there is nothing like Pantomime…. after all, its the only theatrical form we British ever invented…

Theatre Ghosts - The Haunted Stage

Theatres are well-known to host the occasional ghost or two, but who were they and why do they still haunt these locations.
For actors, seeing a ghost in the theatre is a sign of good fortune. To the rest of us, it’s just terrifying.

Yes, I do have a tale to tell about seeing a ghostly apparition whilst appearing on stage, but before I regale you with my own story, let me tell you about some of the other people who inhabit our pleasure palaces – from the famous to the infamous, they’re all here.

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