Ashley Jones MBE

Location: Weston super Mare, North Someret
About The Speaker...

My professional career has included 35+ years within the military and law enforcement sectors, and more recently has involved working with military veterans charities. During my professional career, I became heavily involved within the charity sector, as both a frontline volunteer and trustee with significant national bodies, leading to the award of an MBE for service to charity in 2019.

I have been a public speaker for well over 10-years and have delivered many hundreds of enrichment lectures and after dinner/luncheon talks to groups and organisations all around the UK and overseas.

I have had the pleasure of speaking at national conferences, Rotary Clubs and a variety of other events in such far flung locations as, Germany, Netherlands, USA and in all corners of the United Kingdom. Perhaps a speaking highlight was addressing the United Nations Public Service Forum at The Hague in 2017, but I equally enjoy sharing my presentations with community groups of all sizes.

Aside from my work and family commitments, I am the host of a successful YouTube channel called ‘The Chap’s Guide’ (, which provides lifestyle mentoring advice on the subjects of men’s style, self-development and personal grooming for men of all ages.

About Their Talks...

My talks last approximately 45 minutes, but can easily be adjusted (longer or shorter) as to the specific needs of the client group. All my talks are illustrated via slides and feature video clips with sound content and I can either provide my own projector/speakers/etc. or make use of the equipment provided at the client venue.

My repertoire of presentations are best described as enrichment lectures and as such, they are ideally suited for mixed audiences of all ages and offer engaging and stimulating subjects, that are perfect for after dinner/luncheon meetings, or other gatherings that seek to offer a high-energy performance that will be engrossing for the audience.

Please feel free to drop me a line, or give me a call directly to discuss the best presentation/talk to suit your group. I am happy to deliver any of my sessions via Zoom/Teams if requested.


My fee is determined by the type of event and distance travelled from my home-base in North Somerset. My typical fee for a community group would begin at £75 – £250 dependent on location and requirements of the presentation.

Please feel free to get in touch if your event falls outside of the above parameters if your have a special requirement – I am always prepared to negotiate and I may be able to assist with very short notice presentations if free.

I am happy to travel throughout the UK, however this would be subject to additional travel costs for fuel and accomodation and other expenses as appropriate to the situation

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The British Honours System

A 45-minute enrichment lecture about the many interesting facets of the British honours system, including some of the lesser-known awards and some well-known recipients. Also includes advice on how to nominate worthy individuals. Perfect for after dinner/luncheon and general audiences of all ages.

Animals at War - The History of the Dickin Medal (The Animal VC)

A 45-minute enrichment lecture which traces the early history of the Dickin Medal, now considered to be the VC for animals. The presentation features several accounts of animals that have been worthy recipients of the fabled award and is both deeply emotional and thoroughly inspiring. Perfect for after dinner/luncheon and general audiences of all ages.

The Nobel Prize - The History of the World's Most Prestigious Award

This 45-minute enrichment lecture takes the audience on a journey through the fascinating history of the World’s most prestigious international award ~ presented for excellence in the fields of; literature, medicine, physics, economics, chemistry and peace. The Nobel Prize is the elite, global accolade. This talk explains why Alfred Nobel established the award, how individuals and groups are selected for the honour and considers some of the more well-known and celebrated Nobel Laureates. Perfect for after dinner/luncheon and general audiences of all ages.

Uncle Bill: Britain's Forgotten Hero - Field Marshal William Slim

This 45-minute presentation explores the life of Bristol-born soldier, Field Marshal, Viscount William ‘Bill’ Slim. Known affectionately as ‘Uncle Bill’ by his soldiers. Slim commanded the 14th ‘Forgotten’ Army in the bitterly fought Burma Campaign of WW2, recovering from the 1000-mile retreat from Burma to India, only to return 2-years later to defeat the Japanese in the steaming jungles of South East Asia. In 2011, a survey conducted by the National Army Museum saw Slim voted as Britain’s greatest general. Now largely forgotten by the British public, this presentation reminds us of his humble beginnings, his early military career and his later life as Governor General of Australia, as well as the high-points of his Second World War successes. This presentation includes video and sound and is aimed at all audiences.

Dracula - The Man Behind the Myth

A presentation into the life and times of the infamous Transylvanian tyrant, Prince Vlad III of Wallachia, better known of course, as the foundation for Count Dracula, from the 1897 Gothic Horror novel by Bram Stoker. This presentation takes the audience through the remarkable real-life story of Vlad and how this has been portrayed in modern times, as the blood-sucking anti-hero of dozens of vampire movies and novels. Includes video and sound and is aimed at audiences aged 12-years and above – written by a historian who holds joint British/Romanian citizenship and owns a property in the ancient, dark land of Transylvania.

Douglas BADER - Reach for the Sky & Beyond

This presentation, illustrated with slides, animation and video clips, explores the life of perhaps the most famous and enigmatic fighter ace in the history of the Royal Air Force. Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader became an icon for the nation during World War 2, when he rose to prominence as one of the highest scoring fighter pilots during the Battle of Britain after losing both his legs in a life-shattering air accident years before. Bader became synonymous with overcoming adversity and taking the fight to the enemy in the sky – but he was a much deeper man than his public profile suggests, and his abrasive personality made him a man who made enemies as easily as friends. In this biopic we overlook no elements of the great man’s persona to understand what drove him to arial success.

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