Ashley Jones

Location: Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
About the Speaker...

When serving as a police officer in the Avon & Somerset Constabulary, Ash founded the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) in 2009, to provide tailored safety services for the growing, senior community. Since that time, the SCLT has grown into a charity of numerous volunteers who offer award-winning (Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2015) presentations on senior safety, as well as a an increasing number of general interest presentations on a wide variety of fascinating themes, all filled with original content and well-researched historical information.
As Chair of the Trustee Board of the SCLT Charity, Ash has given literally hundreds of presentations about senior safety and other topics over the last 7-years, to audiences of all sizes (largest audience 2000 at Baitul Mosque in Morden – smallest audience 3 in Rode, Somerset). His talks regularly take him to; PROBUS, 41 Club, Tangent, WI, Rotary, U3A, CSRF and other similar local organisations, to large scale international events such as the International Policing Conference and the German Crime Prevention Congress in 2016. For his charity efforts, he was the recipient of the British Citizen Award for Community Service at an investiture held at the House of Lords in 2015.
Since 2015, the SCLT has added a number of general interest topics to their presentations portfolio, as these allow the charity members to offer a service to groups who may not typically wish for a senior safety presentation, but seek an engaging and highly enjoyable info-tainment presentation from highly experienced and entertaining speakers – all funds raised through the talks given are donated directly to the SCLT Charity.

About his talks...

Ash’s talks last approximately 45-minutes and all equipment is provided by the speaker himself (laptop, projector & speakers), although a table and screen or blank wall will be required at the location. The talks are fully supported by PowerPoint and include video clips and with sound content, and are designed to be engaging for all audiences rather than formal lectures.

Ash has extensive experience of luncheon and after-dinner presentations (dinner jacket can be worn as required), as well as seminars and large-scale conferences. Equally, smaller groups are encouraged to get in touch, as spreading the message is far more important than the size of the audience.

Custom Services:

Ash is also able to assist in conference facilitation and guest compère services if your organisation requires a professional edge for an event you may be planning in the future, or if you would like a presenter to represent your group/organisation in a grant application or local commissioning hearing, or even to present the annual report of your group at an AGM or to facilitate at your annual awards ceremony.
Don’t worry about the scale, Ash has hosted a variety of local events as well as international conferences and will be happy to discuss all options.



Donation Only Required – Ash does not make any set-charge for his services, however he asks that groups consider making a voluntary donation to the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity if your resources allow – typical donations usually range between £20 – £50. He is based in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, which can be taken into account when considering a donation RE: distance travelled.

My Contact Details:

01934 812280


Senior Safety Presentation

This presentation is aimed at older adult audiences and explores the extent of the ageing population and some of the safety challenges faced by elders in society today. With a strong focus on empowerment through education, the presentation explores the dangers of doorstep crime and  telephone, mail and internet (e-mail) deception-type scams. We offer tips and advice on staying safe – as well as signposting seniors to some other useful resources.

Senior Road Safety

A themed presentation on driving in later life, specially written by our resident Roads Policing expert. This informative presentation includes a nostalgic look at how driving has changed over the decades and provides tips and advice on staying safe on the roads in one’s elder years. This presentation includes video and sound and is aimed at everyone, but particularly senior drivers and road users.

Charity Success from Scratch

In this 45-minute presentation, Ash Jones will take you on his journey from stumbling across a good idea in 2009, to founding the SCLT Charity and leading it through the trials and tribulations associated with such enterprises, to collecting the Big Society Award in 2013 from the Prime Minister. Includes tips on similar ventures as well as leadership advice. Audience will all receive a copy of the Senior Siren magazine.

The British Honours System

A 45-minute presentation about the many interesting facets of the British honours system, including some of the lesser-known awards and some well-known recipients. Also includes advice on how to successfully nominate worthy individuals and how to initiate the required process with a strong chance of success.

Uncle Bill: Britain's Forgotten Hero

This presentation explores the life of Bristol-born soldier, Field Marshal, Viscount William ‘Bill’ Slim. Known affectionately as ‘Uncle Bill’ by his soldiers. Slim commanded the 14th ‘Forgotten’ Army in the bitterly fought Burma Campaign of WW2, recovering from the 1000-mile retreat from Burma to India, only to return 2-years later to defeat the Japanese in the steaming jungles of South East Asia. In 2011, a survey conducted by the National Army Museum saw Slim voted as Britain’s greatest general. Now largely forgotten by the British public, this presentation reminds us of his humble beginnings, his early military career and his later life as Governor General of Australia, as well as the high-points of his Second World War successes. This presentation includes video and sound and is aimed at all audiences.

Dracula: The Man - The Myth

A presentation into the life and times of the infamous Transylvanian tyrant, Prince Vlad III of Wallachia, better known of course, as the foundation for Count Dracula, from the 1897 Gothic Horror novel by Bram Stoker. This presentation takes the audience through the remarkable real-life story of Vlad and how this has been portrayed in modern times, as the blood-sucking anti-hero of dozens of vampire movies and novels. Includes video and sound and is aimed at audiences aged 12-years and above – written by a historian who holds joint British/Romanian citizenship and owns a property in the ancient, dark land of Transylvania.

The Nobel Prize

This presentation takes the audience on a journey through the fascinating history of the World’s most prestigious international award ~ presented for excellence in the fields of; literature, medicine, physics, economics, chemistry and peace, the Nobel Prize is the elite, global accolade. This talk explains why Alfred Nobel established the award, how individuals and groups are selected for the honour and considers some of the more well-known and celebrated Nobel Laureates. This intriguing talk, has been created by one of our own presenters, who has researched this theme at the Nobel Centre in Stockholm

Ashley Jones Contact Details:

01934 812280


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