Ben Nicholls

Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire
About me...

I have been researching my own family history since 2001. My paternal grandfather was a shadowy figure who died long before my birth and one day I realised that he represented a quarter of me that I knew nothing about. My journey started with my grandfather’s birth certificate. I have been on many journeys back through the centuries to the middle ages. I have travelled on a tide of documents and stories across Europe, and traced pioneers across far flung exotic lands. I have met some truly wonderful characters in my personal history journey, from war heroes to Jewish millionaires, divorcees to lunatics, skilled artisans to adventurers, and artists to socialites. Their colourful stories have thoroughly enriched my personal sense of identity, and I’m sure that embarking on a similar journey through time will do the same for you and your family too!


About my Talk...

My talks last for about 45 minutes. They are illustrated using Powerpoint presentations and I use a laptop and projector for my talk. I can also present my talks online as a virtual/video presentation.


£75 plus travel at 45p per mile if your venue  is more than 20 miles from my home in Gloucester. I am happy to travel anywhere within the UK but please contact me to discuss travel costs if you are outside the counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire or Somerset because time spent travelling and possibly hotel accommodation will need to be factored into my fee.

My Contact Details:

07860 607580

The Devil’s Daughter and Me

It turns out I’m descended from the Devil which explains why I’ve always been a bit of a maverick. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself anyway! Having discovered my own family history, it’s been very enlightening to find out that I’m in very good company. Allow me to show you the underside of Victorian respectability through the eyes of some of my ancestors who had a devilish streak. There’s Aaron who broke with his religion and his community to be with the woman he loved. And Caroline whose passions for a dashing Parisian left her in total disgrace. Then we’ll travel to Mexico City in 1596 and see what the Inquisitors make of my non-conforming ancestors there. And finally, we’ll meet Melusine herself…

Edith Da Costa is my great-great-great grandmother and this photo was taken in Brighton in 1869.

Finding My Grandad’s Global Family

When, at the age of 24, I discovered that my grandad had had four children with three different women over a period of 40 years, I felt a mission coming on! I had always known my dad and had heard about Uncle Bob but the other two were a complete mystery to me. Without even knowing their names, I embarked on a seemingly impossible quest to trace them and their descendants which took me to the other side of the world: a world in which fact is stranger than fiction.

Ben Nicholls Contact Details:

07860 607580

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