Brenda Cameron

Location: Farningham, Kent
About The Speaker...

I`m a Speaker, Trainer and Coach who became involved in the world of Personal Development after my recovery from the chronic illness ME also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In a matter of days my life went from having a full on successful career, travelling the country and working 80 plus hours each week to becoming bedbound for 8 years. Although the medical profession told me there was no cure and that I would have to learn to live with my disability I went on not only to make a full recovery but to exceed all expectations of my goals. My talks and work are about sharing my knowledge, hope and inspiration for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.  I give talks to companies on setting and achieving goals, work with charitable organisations such as Women`s Aid for abused women and the Complimentary Cancer Care Trust. My talks to organisations such as the WI, Probus, NWG, TILS and health clubs are interactive and full of fun whilst packed with great stories and tools to encourage a healthy, happy, fulfilled life regardless of age or abilty.

About Their Talks...

My talks usually last for 45 minutes although I also have shorter or longer versions.
Depending on the topic, I sometimes use Power Point Presentations in which case I supply my own computer, projector and screen.


My fee is £100 plus travel expenses at 40p per mile if more than ten miles from my home in Farningham, Kent and I am happy to travel within Kent and into Surrey, London, Essex etc.
When the venue is within ten miles of Farningham, I charge a reduced fee of £80 and no travelling costs. If you are actually based in my home town Farnimgham in Kent I am happy to present my talks free of charge to small, non-profit making groups, clubs and societies.
If I am free, I will try to help out with short notice bookings, so do give me a ring if your booked speaker is unable to attend.

My Contact Details:

07540 805898

Fashionable Fashionistas

An engaging, fascinating and fun perspective into how a group of women, determined to look fabulous, have fun into their 60`s, 70’s, 80`s and 90`s are redefining the ageing process and in some cases carving out new careers for themselves.

The Art of Aging

Can you trick your ageing body into feeling younger? To find out a group of celebrities go back in time 20 years to their heyday, living as they did in the 70`s in a time capsule for a week with remarkable results.

In today`s affluent countries people are living well into their hundreds and different cultures have different attitudes and practices around age, this talk takes a look at how we can all do far more than we ever imagined, regardless of our age or current physical ability

Life Work Balance

In today’s current lifestyle where we are constantly bombarded with negative news from the media, computers and iphones, there are so  many choices in life, juggling relationships with second and sometimes third marriages and children, the financial commitments to mortgages, cars, holidays, school fees and expensive celebrations for every milestone in our lives, we have become a nation on a very fast merry go round.
It`s often difficult to create the perfect balance in life, dealing with the stressors of life, the perfect Life, Work balance seems impossible, who do we serve?  Our family, our employer and what about ourselves?   I believe that each individual`s optimum Life and Work balance varies depending upon their age and current life circumstances.
This talk shares tools, strategies and tips for each individual to identify when and why they go off balance, how to deal with stress and how they can easily get back on track to create their current unique Life, Work balance to lead a happy, healthy fulfilling life.
I now speak to companies and groups sharing my own personal story of chronical illness and being bed bound for 8 years, brought on in some part due to working long hours and travelling hundreds of miles each week in a job I thought I loved at the time, before we  ever heard  the term,  Life and Work balance.  Having studied and researched my illness and recovery extensively, I now teach others the pitfalls and skills to ensure they do not follow in my footsteps!

Bedbound to Everest

I take the audience through the story from when I was 40 years old, married with two sons with a successful career as a Field Director for an International Market Research company; life was busy, exciting and stressful.
By the age of 50, I had been struck down with the chronic illness known as ME and went on to spend the next for 8 years flat on my back staring at the ceiling, unable to have a conversation, listen to the radio, watch TV, eat, sleep or bear sunlight on my body, my life became a living nightmare. I was told that there was no known cure, however, after years of searching for a cure I was lucky enough to read an article in The Daily Mail about Esther Rantzen`s daughter Emily who had spent 15 years in a wheelchair suffering from ME, she`d been on a training course that taught her how she could influence her own health and life and was now able to work. I subsequently attended one of these courses on 31st July – 2nd August 2007, the course lasted for 3 days, I made an immediate recovery, 6 weeks later I was driving around Europe.
Hard to believe? I didn`t question it, it was like magic! From the moment I recovered I was able to do stuff I could have only dreamed of previously; skiing, sky diving, driving around the race track at Monte Carlo, playing on the zip wire with my granddaughters.
Not everyone was as excited about my new found health, I found I was frequently asked if I really had ever been ill and if my illness was just in the mind. I began to question myself so much that I decided to study and research what I had been taught.

How to Set and Achieve Goals The Simple Way

Most people don`t take goals seriously, they set them once and never look at them again.
The 1953 Yale University, intensive study, interviewed the graduating class, asking them, how many of you have a clear specific set of goals, a written plan for the future, less than 3% had written goals with a plan. 20 years later in 1973 they went back and interviewed the surviving class members of the class of 53 to see what their life was like. The 3% that had written goals and specifically had a plan for their attainment, appeared to be happier, more well-adjusted, more excited about their life as a whole, those things are subjective, but the one thing that was very measurable about the 3% was that their financial wealth was equal to the whole of the rest of the class.
This talk will help the audience learn about the science and power of goal setting and why setting goals is important. When we set goals we create the future in advance, we create our destiny and shape our lives, goals are the key to lifelong success & happiness

An Unlikely Friendship

The talk is a humorous tale of an unlikely, beautiful friendship that developed between two people when they became chronically ill, how a deep, unique bond was formed, leading to recovery and great adventure. In a world where loneliness has become an epidemic, it`s not about meeting more people, it`s about creating fulfilling relationships and the talk gives some insight into the effect great friendships and relationships have on our health and wellbeing as well as revealing the three things we must have to create these rewarding friendships and relationship

Brenda Cameron Contact Details:

07540 805898

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