Charlotte Gringras

Location: Altrincham, Greater Manchester
About me...

I am a teacher by profession and returned to academe twelve years ago, gaining an MA, at Manchester University’s Centre for Jewish studies. I have served on two different Sacres, (Standing advisory committees for Religious Education) in Bolton and Trafford and am a member of the Altrincham Interfaith group, writing regularly for the local newspaper, The Altrincham Messenger’s ‘Thought for the Week’.

About my talks...

I am experienced speaker whose talks are light, entertaining and informative, peppered with anecdotes both from my writing and my own life. Most of my talks don’t involve power point but I sometimes bring hand-outs, memorabilia or artefacts to illustrate my stories. For this reason I do like a lectern which leaves my hands free and a mic., with a roving one for audience questions too, if possible.

I can give the talks as a virtual delivery (zoom).


My fee is £85 and travel expenses on top, for return journeys of over 10 miles

My Contact Details:

0161 942 9797

It Wasn't All About the Pankhursts

An in-depth, illustrated talk about the suffragette movement and other, conflicting movements of the time.

This talk can be given as a Powerpoint presentation providing the venue can provide a projector and screen.  The talk is equally as effective when given as a Stand Alone presentation which makes it suitable for After Lunch and After Dinner functions.

Please note! This is NOT only for women’s groups.



Illustration – Votes for Women badge

My Two Novels Have Their Own Stories to Tell

Novelist Charlotte Gringras will describe how her novels, ‘The Purple Rose’ published in 2012 and ‘Not in our Hands’ published this year, 2015 have taken on a life of their own, using amusing anecdotes and extracts.

My Writing Journey Has Taken Me From Lancashire to Umbria – Why and How?

Charlotte’s novels, ‘The Purple Rose’ and ‘Not in our Hands’ take the reader from Manchester to Perugia and in her talk, she will take you with her.[With memorabilia]

Unravelling the Threads

Drawing on her writing and her life, Charlotte Gringras will describe in a entertaining way, how and why threads of Jewish life and history are woven into her novels, ‘The Purple Rose’ and ‘Not in our Hands’. [May be handouts]

Suffragettes and Spaghetti - What is the Connection?

Illustrated by some of Charlotte’s writing: her two novels, poetry and regular pieces for the Altrincham Messenger, she will expose some of the mysteries for you, in a light hearted way. [With printed handouts and displayed objects]


Charlotte Gringras Contact Details:

0161 942 9797

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