Danielle A Barnett

Location: Romford Essex
About me...

I’m currently the lead singer for the Urban Cookie Collective who had a big hit with The Key The Secret in 1993 – and have fronted the act for 15 years. I have been, and still am, lucky enough to have toured the world doing this – and I love my job! There’s never a dull experience
I am also a songwriter with 20 ‘Top 40’ hits under my belt and 3 publishing deals. As a singer myself I have had several successful record deals (one with Mr Simon Cowell himself! so I know some secrets!). I am also a vocal coach to Molly Rainford who came 3rd in final of Britain’s Got Talent and also a West End child star who is currently performing as Violet in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
I LOVE what I do and what I have done and I like to think that people come away from my talks inspired by having heard a story that only could be told by someone who has actually lived through such unique experiences as I have.

About my Talks...

My talks are Powerpoint focused and I provide my own projector and laptop (a MacBook Air). I appreciate sound equipment to plug into – though I do have a back up speaker if all else fails!

I love people and would happily chat to everyone after the talks .


My Fees: £70.00 within a 20 mile radius of Romford, Essex. Outside this radius, travelling expenses required. I am happy to travel to venues in Essex, London and Kent

My Contact Details:

07802 841652

From Simon Cowell to Dragons Den

Just what does it take to make it in the music industry? And how did I get the chance to appear (and be successful) on Dragons Den?

My life has been a roller coaster ride of which I have been signed to Simon Cowell, managed top ten chart acts and invented a new patented technology, taking it through to market. I am also the lead singer for Urban Cookie Collective – who had a number 1 hit with “The Key The Secret” and I tour the world to this day, singing in front of hundreds of thousands of people! I will tell you my life story…..

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

What is Bitcoin? How does it work? What is a cryptocurrency?
In a world where so many areas are becoming digitised, a new asset class has emerged and it is called Bitcoin.
I have been in the cryptocurrency space since 2009 when Bitcoin was born, as both a buyer and also as a miner.
In this talk I discuss the reasons why this newly emerging digitised currency has arisen from, how to get involved safely in the space, and we look at the evolution of blockchain technology in general.

Sing A Song of Christmas

You’ve sung them whilst clutching cups of hot cocoa, cozying around a fire, and played constantly in Shopping malls, churches and parties – but do you know why some of the best known Christmas songs were created? Join my for a fun and enlightening sing-a-long talk!




I have another Christmas themed talk, please scroll further down the page to find details of it.

Queen – Freddie’s Kind Of Magic!

From humble beginnings, the band Queen was born.

Take a musical journey through their career, and a deeper look at the life and loves of the legend that was Freddie Mercury.


Marilyn Monroe – Tales and Tragedy

The rise and eclipse of a true Hollywood legend. The somewhat sad and lonely life which was hidden behind this mask of beauty.



Sink & Swim - Lose & Win

This talk focusses on my two Top 10 worldwide chart acts – POINT BREAK and FREEFALLER. Point Break was signed to WEA (Warner Records) worldwide and had a lot of success – we achieved top ten singles and albums … and most currently – one of the singers of this boyband (there were three boys – David Oliver, Brett Adams, and Declan Bennett) – Declan has just secured a part as a lead role in Eastenders as Dot Cotton’s Grandson, Charlie Cotton – and has just been introduced onto our screens – making him extremely current.

The Rise and Fall of a Boyband

This talk is about my management years of Point Break … what a journey it was! travelling the world! – exciting new experiences including a number one album in Asia which led to involvement with Brad Pitt and “Stand Tough”, one of the bands songs, being used as the theme song for Aussie Rules Football.

The Birth of a New Technology

I am also currently in the process of Licensing an invention we are patent pending on – which has taken 10 years to come from concept to point of license. This, more business orientated talk, is all about the ups and downs of the past 10 years … how and why we started – The patent process and gaining our patent … then getting it taken away again! Applying for 2 new patents … being signed to investors that fell through and huge
companies that dropped us, leading us to where we are today -now with new investment – touring the world at Guitar fairs and meeting Stevie Wonder and Steve Vai … having our product physically used and on the
road!! Its been a journey … and now at point of license …

Michael Jackson – The King Of Pop

A child star turned global superstar – but what challenges did the man in the mirror have to face? His music and life story is a tale to be told!

Whitney – Life, Love and Loss

A tragic end awaited this global diva who hit the highs and lows in both her personal and professional career. Join me as we reminisce her life and her music.

"Tis The Season To Be Jolly"

A fun look at the weird, wonderful and somewhat wacky Christmas traditions all over the world!

Danielle A Barnett Contact Details:

07802 841652

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