Dave Andrews

Location: Leicester, Leicestershire
About The Speaker...

I am a former BBC Radio Leicester presenter and producer. My own show was largely a magazine programme specialising in the arts, theatre, local history and gardening! I also presented news programmes and phone-in programmes.
Before that I was a Deputy Headteacher in a Leicestershire comprehensive school. My degree was in history where I specialised particularly in Medieval history at York University.
I am also currently a Deputy Lieutenant of Leicestershire where, filling in for the Lord Lieutenant, I may be called upon to represent HM The King at certain events.
I am also Honorary President of a local Amateur Theatre Company and have written and produced shows which have been performed at Leicester’s Curve Theatre.

About Their Talks...

I can offer 3 or 4 specific talks.
They come with pictures, PowerPoint presentation and some sound clips depending on equipment available.
My style is light hearted and friendly but not trivial or too frivolous.
1. “Richard III – the Man and the Mystery.”
2. “100 Years of Auntie”
3. “My 25 Years at the BBC”
4. “The Lieutenancy and the Honours System”


£50 – £250 – depending on nature of the group and location of venue

My Contact Details:

07801 935975

Richard III - The Man and the Mystery!

* What sort of a man was Richard III really?
* Was he the evil murderer history has made him out to be?
* How did he end up under a car park in Leicester?
* This illustrated talk combines the story of Richard III’s life and his place in 15th century history with the amazing story of the search for his bones which were eventually discovered under a Leicester car park.
* I was on the site from beginning to end of the story and played a major part in Radio Leicester’s coverage including providing the commentary of Richard’s reburial in Leicester Cathedral.
* Pictures and sound from the time of this amazing story illustrate the talk.

100 Years of Auntie

* The BBC has just celebrated it’s 100th Birthday.
* This illustrated talk tells the story of the BBC’s 100 years from its inception under Lord Reith through to the present.
* It covers the great days of radio and TV, famous voices and programmes and some of the incredible changes in broadcasting over those 100 years.
* Some nostalgic audio and video clips from programmes and events of the past are included.

My 25 Years in Local Radio at BBC Radio Leicester

*An entertaining talk about my 25 years working as a presenter, commentator and producer at BBC Radio Leicester.
* Looking at the some of the high spots (and low spots), interesting interviewees and big events (from visits by HM the Queen to the Richard III’s discovery and Leicester City winning the Premier League!)
* Technological changes over the last 25 years and their effect on broadcasting.

nb. This talk is probably most appropriate for people in the Leicestershire/East Midlands area

What is the Purpose of Lieutenancy?

* What does a Lord Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants do across the UK?
* The history of the Lieutenancy and how the role has changed from Henry VIII to Charles III.
* The Honours System – who are eligible for the different sort of national honours?
* The King’s Award for Voluntary Service and the King’s Award for Enterprise
* How do you nominate an individual or an organisation for an Honour?

Dave Andrews Contact Details:

07801 935975

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