Dr Javad Hashemi

Location: Solihull, West Midlands
About Javad...

Dr Javad Hashemi was born in Tehran, Iran. He taught Biology and Science Education at University of Tehran. He then came to England where he met his wife and worked at NCR and Local Government Education Departments.
He is a keen photographer, a lepidopterist and, a Pocillovist. He practices Persian miniature painting and, enjoys travelling, Natural History and researching British ceramics and history.

About my talks...

My talks are all well researched and mostly illustrated. I update each talk to suit my clients. After-Lunch clubs, Arts & Recreations Clubs, Antique Societies, History Societies, The National Trust, Probus, U3A, Mensa, W.I. and other women and social groups.
I can bring my own projector, Apple Mac computer and a screen, if required.

My talks can be delivered as virtual presentations – Zoom.


My Fee is £70. I am prepared to travel to neighbouring counties and far afield, with moderate travelling expenses

My Contact Details:

01675 442165

07421 457567

11: Wonders of the Trade Routes of the World

This illustrated talk looks at the trade routes in the world which helped to exchange ideas and goods. These trade routes had also changed overtime to reflect political and climate changes”.

1: Unknown Iran

This talk introduces an image of the country beyond what is projected in western broadsheets. The talk is based on my first hand experience and my extensive travels throughout Iran.

2: A Picture of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is part of the old Silk Route. This illustrated talk introduces a realistic image of the country and its people.

3: The Mystery of Persian Miniature Painting


Persian painting is an imaginative representation of figures and places. The usual subjects are gardens, hunting , polo and poetry. Persian poetry and miniature painting had inspired many nations and influenced Medieval illuminated manuscripts

4: A Fascinating Story of Egg Cups

Egg Cups have been used since Roman times. Throughout the ages, they have changed in shape, pattern and materials. This talk opens a window into their fascinating history.

5: The Goodness of King George III


A very humorous and informative talk about George III who was bipolar and extremely intelligent. He guided the country through a difficult period of the history and built up the scientific and intellectual foundations needed for our later industrial revolution .The first king who could speak English directly with his Londoner subjects. Never had any guards to walk around and believed and practiced good family values.

6: The Life of Queen Charlotte

A fascinating story about the life of the Queen Charlotte  and her 13 surviving children. This talk tells what an inspiring ,clever and caring lady she was.

7: Leonardo da Vinci Inventions

An entertaining, illustrated and animated talk about Leonardo da Vinci, the man and his inventions. Learn how Leonardo promoted himself as war engineer at the court of Borgias . See his drawings and application of his inventions in daily life. Discover how he influenced Renaissance intellectuals.

8: Islam and Islamic Cultures : What is Islam and Who is a Muslim

Development of Islamic Cultures in the past and Present. This talk will take you through the life of the Prophet Mohammad and the birth of Islam; what it means to be a Muslim and different sects of Islam. Many beautiful examples of Muslim Arts & culture from different parts of the world are presented.

9: Illuminated Manuscripts in Christianity and Islam

A fascinating comparative story of the development of these medieval documents in Christian and Islamic worlds. Learn how each culture borrowed and influenced each other’s styles of illumination. Several early and famous Christian and Islamic examples are shown and discussed.


10: The Secret Diary Of the Mongol Empire : True Story of Ghenghis Khan

With a recent discovery of the ‘Secret Diary’ of the court of Ghenghis Khan and its decoding followed by its publication in English- we have, for the first time, a real description of how Ghenghis Khan developed his empire and ruled over the largest territory in Asia and Europe. The ‘Secret Diary’ describes him as a wise and intelligent man who ordered freedom of religions and set out  just rules of law which united his nation and even helped a few of remaining empires, ruled by his descendants, to survive until 18th century!
This talk is based on the new translation of the ‘Secret Diary’ and is complemented by many miniature paintings.
Finally, the talk briefly discusses how modern Mongolia – which is newly liberated from Russia,  is trying to reinvent itself by following the laws and lessons learned from its historical father-head Ghenghis Khan.

Dr Javad Hashemi Contact Details:

01675 442165

07421 457567

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