Eve Bacon

Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
About me...

I am a retired teacher and I have been an historical interpreter for over 25 years. I have extensive experience of delivering presentations in museums, heritage sites and TV and have developed a series of characters and presentations for interest groups.

All my presentations are well researched and resourced so you can be sure that the things I say and do are as historically accurate as I can make them.

I have researched recipes from Medieval times to the 1950s and am fascinated by the relationship between food fashions, changes in society and the wider history of the time. Since becoming a Queen Victoria impersonator I have also developed an interest in the Victorian era and am, at present, writing a book about Baby Farming.

About my Talks...

Most of my talks are about an hour long and many are delivered in costume with museum quality artefacts and/or Powerpoint, some include audience participation, although many can now be delivered in a modified form as ZOOM talks. I welcome questions and am happy to chat after the presentation.

I provide a laptop, data projector and stand but require a screen or white wall.

I have delivered talks to various interest groups; WI, U3A, local history groups, family history groups etc.


My standard fee is £90 + travel at 40p per mile and overnight accommodation, if necessary.

ZOOM talks vary in price, please ask.

My Contact Details:

01908 313191

07837 941906 

Queen Victoria - Becoming a Queen Victoria Impersonator

After being told by many people that I look like Queen Victoria and as I am the same height as the late Queen (at the same age), I researched and developed the characterisation. I used historic costume experts to design and make my costume, which is based on photographs of Queen Victoria in the 1870/80s. Now I transform into an uncanny representation of her. Find out the details of how I ‘became Queen Victoria’.

Spices and Medieval Society

I have a passion for spices that were used in the past. I explain where the Medieval person thought they came from and how they illustrated society.

Victorian and Early 20th Century Baby Farmers

I tell the story of some of Britain’s baby farmers. Learn the sad fate of some illegitimate babies in Victorian and early 20th Century Britain, how the law made this darkest of businesses viable and how it was eventually brought to an end.

This talk has now been adapted for ZOOM.

Amelia Dyer

In this talk I briefly explain the role of the baby farmer and detail the life of Britain’s most notorious baby farmer, Amelia Dyer, how she was, eventually, stopped and convicted.

This talk has now been adapted for ZOOM.

The Fight for Suffrage

Dressed as a suffragette, I tell the story, not only of the suffragettes, but of the wider campaign for universal suffrage in Britain.

This talk has now been adapted for ZOOM.

Food and the 1950s Housewife

Post war Britain was a time of change in our society. Find out how these changes were reflected in the life of the housewife and food fashions.

This talk has now been adapted for ZOOM.

Sailors in the desert and the Horseless Cavalry

The story of a ship’s crew after being torpedoed during WW1.

This talk has now been adapted for ZOOM.

Eve Bacon Contact Details:

01908 313191

07837 941906 

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