Graham Feest

Location: Worthing, West Sussex
About me...

By way of background, I am a UK based Road Safety Consultant. As an experienced Road Safety Practitioner, I started my career with Worthing Borough Council in 1974. In 1984 I moved to West Sussex County Council as a Senior Road Safety Officer with specific responsibilities for Education Development. I was then appointed County Road Safety Officer for Northamptonshire in 1989 and in 2001 joined the Institute of Advanced Motorists as Head of Road Safety until the end of 2003. After twelve years as Chairman of the UK National Road Safety Committee, I stood down in May 2023. Currently I am Chairman of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving and the Road Safety Advisor to the ADI National Joint Council. I am also a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and serve on their Road User Behaviour Working Group.

About my Talks...

It is helpful if the group can provide a screen/clean white blank wall and data projector. I provide my own laptop

It is possible to provide a presentation without the use of slides in the absence of any technology.

I may well be able to fit in at very short notice, so if complications arise at the last minute with your planned presenter do contact me.

I do not now present on-line.


I am willing to travel anywhere within the UK and make no charge for my time, preparation work beforehand delivering at the event or travel time. However, I do need to ask that you contribute to my travelling expenses at the rate of 26p per mile with a minimum charge of £25.00. If I need to find overnight accommodation and when I generally cover that myself. If you would wish to know what my estimated travelling costs would be then if you provide me with a venue together with the postcode, I can send you an estimate.

My postal address (if required) 68 The Boulevard, Worthing West Sussex BN13 1LA

My Contact Details:

01903 506095

07974 814116


This interactive presentation is always new on every occasion as nothing stays the same!

“Issues affecting the national transport traffic safety roads agenda”

This can be as lively a session as the audience wishes and is deliberately presented in an interactive way allowing for debate and opinions upon which the population as a whole considers they have a view.

It is not a prepared script and is very spontaneous and up to date.

The subject areas are constantly changing and just how much is introduced in the time available is very dependent upon the interaction which takes place.

Generally, it will look at what we are all are trying to achieve in terms of making our roads safer for all users. What Government interventions are under consideration or being implemented aimed at reducing crashes, collisions and injuries on the road; and how they integrate with National and Local Strategies; along with the attitude, perceptions and behaviours of all road users.

At the end of the day, we do not want to be the victim of a road incident but “Our own safety depends on the actions of others.”

Graham Feest Contact Details:

01903 506095

07974 814116

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