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Location: North Finchley, Greater London.
About me...

I am a retired qualified lecturer and have been lecturing and giving talks for over 30 years, The talks I give have been fully researched by myself and some include photographs acquired from around the world.

About my Talks...

My talks all use power point and videos, where relevant. The slides are richly illustrated and, for clarity, I keep the number of words on each slide to a minimum. Talks typically are an hour long and I am always very happy to take questions. I have a lap-top, projector, stand and microphone and will require a screen or clear wall.

My talks all use power point. The slides are richly illustrated and for clarity I keep the number of words on each slide to a minimum.  I have a lap-top, projector and p.a system, and will require a screen or clear wall.

Talks typically are an hour each and always very happy to take questions. I can speak daytime and evenings. All talks are by either Zoom or face to face where applicable. All recordings and videos are original


Talk fees are £65.00 plus reasonable travelling expenses at 35p per mile, when travelling more than10 miles from North Finchley, London. Happy to travel to within the Greater London area as well as Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Kent. Able to fill in at short notice if available.

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Walk in the West End of London



Walk in the West End of London. This walk in the West end of London, covers everything from the main streets to the little alleys. The walk will take you on a journey through the most vibrant streets, squares, and lanes in the area. From hidden spaces to electric lights, it will provide you with a broad overview of everything there is to love about this west end of London, and you will be able to give President Roosevelt’s knee a rub and give Winston Churchill a cuddle.

Francis Albert Sinatra “Old Blue Eyes”

Francis Albert Sinatra “Old Blue Eyes” was an American singer, actor and producer who was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century. He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide.


This is his story, which includes some famous and some lesser famous songs and his first solo recordings, together with his very first recorded song.

The Legend of Marilyn Monroe

An American documentary film chronicling the life and career of the actress shown by slides and  a 50 minute video.

Sammy Davis Jr

A successful comedian, actor, dancer and singer, part of the Rat Pack, shown by slides & videos

Audrey Hepburn and Her War Years.

Tells the story of Audrey growing up during the Nazi invasion of Holland, followed by her career after the war. It includes a short video of all her films.

Jewish East End - From the 18th Century to Early 20th Century

Takes a tour of the Jewish East End including famous landmarks and not so famous – famous people and not so famous. If time, followed by a sing song.

East End of London - From the Huguenots to the Bengali’s.

This Tour will take you around some of the streets of the East End and the aim of the journey is to give a flavour of the history and culture of the area: If time, followed by a sing song.

Ira and George Gershwin.

There life and a musical interlude of there most famous music and shows, shown by slides & videos.

Winston Churchill - 30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965

His life story and his exploits

History of Rock & Roll 1950 - 1980

Where the term Rock & Roll originated from. The music, the people and “What is Pop Music?”

Glen Miller

His life and a story and musical interlude of his most famous music and the mystery solved on how and where he died, shown by slides & videos.

Max Wall

An English comedian and actor, whose performing career
covered music hall, theatre, films and television. A Comedy Hero (video)

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