Jane Glennie

Location: Southampton, Hampshire
About Public Speaker Jane Glennie....

I am an actress and historian with 30 years experience bringing history to life in museums, theatres and heritage sites. I am also a recognised speaker for the WI and have been presenting popular and entertaining theatrical talks for the past 12 years in Hampshire. I am joint partner in the company “Pedlars and Petticoats” which offers living history and story telling activities to museums and schools.

About my Theatrical Talks...

The talks are stand alone theatrical performances which last between 45-60 minutes.
I use original and replica objects/costumes to illustrate the talks and am happy to answer questions after the performances.


I will travel and charge £80 plus 45p per mile from Southampton.

My Contact Details:

07980 204458


Alice Gillington

Theatrical talk about Alice Gillington and her time spent living in a Romany caravan with the New Forest Gypsies.

Ministering Angel

Meet Nursing Superintendent Shaw, good friend and colleague of Florence Nightingale and discover why she left Netley Hospital in disgrace.

The Creativity of Gertrude Jekyll

Hear stories about Gertrude’s life and how she became such a beloved garden designer.

Suffering Suffragettes

Travel back in time to 1913 and join Mrs Catchcold as she sets up a local Votes For Women Society.

Would you be a Suffragette or a Suffragist?

The Experimental Housekeeping of Jane Austen’s good friend Martha Lloyd

Martha Lloyd, “experimental housekeeper” and Jane Austen’s best friend gossips with her neighbours as she packs up their house in Castle Square Southampton. Using original letters by Jane Austen find out about her close friendship with Martha and their happy time living in Southampton.

Illustration –  Where Jane Austen lived in Chawton.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Helpful home front hints presented in an entertaining manner by a wartime housewife. How did women manage to brighten their corners and feed their families during the days of rationing and war? Play a recipe guessing game and enjoy a good old fashioned sing along

How Do You Take Yours?

Set at the end of rationing in 1953, etiquette enthusiast Mrs Cox gives advice on how to make a proper cup of tea as well as the correct way to drink it. Amongst the tips hear tales of gruesome deaths, smuggling, poisoning and gossip to find out the secret history of the Nation’s favourite drink.

Violet’s Britannic Escape

“War, with all its anticipated horrors and ghastly possibilities, filled the imaginations of those who feared and yet had not foreseen danger.” VJ
Violet Jessop was a nurse during the Great War and to commemorate the 100 years since the start of the war this presentation will bring to life nursing experiences as well as telling the story of Violet’s escape from the sinking of Titanic’s sister ship, Britannic.

Testimonials & Reviews

‘Bramshaw WI in the New Forest had such a lovely afternoon as we welcomed back Jane Glennie as our September speaker.
Jane brought history to life with her theatrical performance as Jane Austen’s best friend and housekeeper, Martha Lloyd.
Dressed as the housekeeper she used Austen’s original letters to tell her story.’

Kate – Bramshaw WI – September 2022




Jane Glennie Contact Details:

07980 204458

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