Justin Newland

Location: Weston-Super-Mare, Avon
About The Speaker...

JUSTIN NEWLAND is an entertaining speaker with seven years expereince of public speaking.
Undeterred by a Doctorate in Mathematics from Imperial College, London, he writes historical fiction novels and enjoys giving talks exploring the significance of different historical periods.
Originally from the South East, he now lives with his partner in plain sight of the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

About Their Talks...

The talks are entertaining, informative, and richly illustrated by PowerPoint slides.
They can be given in person or online (e.g. via Zoom).
Face-to-face talks require a projector, HDMI cable, and a screen.
The talks last about one hour, plus another half an hour to cover Q&A, meet and greet, and book signing.
They’re available for types of groups and organisations, e.g. History Groups, U3A, Civic and Historical Associations, Rotary Club, Probus, and Literary Festivals, as well as libraries, schools, colleges and universities.


My usual fee is £70 for an hour-long talk.
I don’t charge for author talks to libraries.

My Contact Details:

07748 114 170

The Limits Of Empire

At the beginning of the Elizabethan era, England was a small, isolated, misty isle on the edge of continental Europe. But sparked by Dr John Dee’s vision in his book The Limits of Empire, England grew to become the centre of a new world of trade and communication, bringing its laws, customs and language to all parts of the world.
Justin will explain how this period of history inspired his latest novel, The Mark of the Salamander, which explores the epic story and secret history of Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the world.

Why Ancient Egypt is Known as the Mother and Father of All Things

Justin’s prolonged study of Ancient Egypt culminated in his novel The Genes of Isis. An epic fantasy and supernatural thriller set under Ancient Egyptian skies, it is a weave of two threads: the myth of Isis and the story of the flood in the Book of Genesis. Justin explores why Ancient Egypt is known as ‘The Mother and Father of All Things,’ what this means and how it still impacts our lives today.

The Great Ming Code: How the Law Book of the Ming Dynasty attempted to harmonise human society with the will of Heaven.

In 1368, Zhu Yuanzhang claimed the Mandate of Heaven to rule China. In return, the first Ming Emperor followed Heavenly principle and preserved harmony between humans and supernatural spirits, a mission enshrined in the Great Ming Code. To promote his historical fiction novel, The Old Dragon’s Head, Justin explains how the laws of Great Ming Code reached into every aspect of people’s lives.

Whatever Happened to the Great Enlightenment?

In the 1760’s, King Frederick the Great of Prussia bestrode the battlefields of the Seven Years War. It was the time of the Great Enlightenment when reason sought to overcome superstition, and of James Watt’s invention of the steam engine. This event culminated in the Industrial Revolution. In this talk, Justin explores the question Whatever Happened to the Great Enlightenment and explains how this inspired his historical fiction novel, The Coronation.

An Introduction to Hidden Art in Ancient Egypt

Just as there is the Egypt we (think we) can explain, there’s an Egypt we can’t or haven’t.
To understand Ancient Egypt, you must think like an Egyptian. While that’s may not be possible, we can at least appreciate how they thought.
In this talk, I’ll explore some aspects of their art that we think we can explain and then conjecture about some things whose meaning and significance remain obscure.

In Search of the Spirit of the Times

It’s said that every era is defined by a Zeitgeist, a German word meaning the spirit of the times.
But what is the spirit of the times?
Do they define the nature and principles that govern that era?
Where can it be found in history?
Have people always accurately translated it?
Who are its best representatives?
What about our times, the time in which we live?
Is it possible for us to be in harmony with and respond to the spirit of these times?
In this stimulating talk, Justin will explore these questions.

History Repeats Itself

The notion that history repeats itself is as old as the hills and dates back to the Old Testament, if not to Ancient Egypt.
There is eternal repetition or cycles in nature – that’s the seasons. But are there cycles in history?
How is it possible for history – or the epochs – to be governed by cycles?
Does history repeat itself at the individual level? Are there roles, like the traitor or the cuckold, which play out repeatedly in people’s lives at different times in history?
What does that have to do with the principle of karma – in which whatever you do or think will come back to you?
Or about the curious phenomenon of déjà vu?
In this talk, Justin will explore these questions and suggest ways to think about the vortex of history.

How To Write and Research Historical Fiction

Using his experience as a writer of historical fiction, and condensing years of historical research, Justin makes a series of practical suggestions about how to write and research historical fiction.
This talk is designed for writers who love reading novels set in past times, who are fascinated by a particular historical period, or have an idea for a novel that would work best in a historical setting.

Self-Publishing – How to Promote Your Book

In this talk, Justin gives many useful tips on how to promote your book in an increasingly competitive market.
Although specifically featured towards paperbacks, it applies to e-books just as well.
And it begins with having and producing a quality product.

Tips and Tricks for Writing Historical Fiction

In this talk, Justin talks about his writing, and gives further tricks and tips for writing and plotting works of historical fiction.

Justin Newland Contact Details:

07748 114 170

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