Linda Regan

Location: Bromley, Kent
About me...

I am a successful actress and crime writer. I have appeared in over a hundred television shows and films and many many commercials, plus much radio and television.

During my many years, I have worked with a host of famous faces in theatre, pantomime, television, film and radio, in fact every medium an actor can work.


About my Talk...

My talk is about my career as an actress and author, I talk about some of the famous people I have worked with, anecdotes about working with them. Some I have liked and others? Turning to crime writing you can kill people off and stay out of jail.
My talk has been called amusing, interesting, laugh-out-loud funny, but most of all enjoyable.


My fee is £90 in and around my local area, but out of area I charge £100 plus, 45p per mile for petrol.

My Contact Details:

07973 839405

Acting Can be Murder

This talk is about my long career on stage and in TV and film, some of the things that go wrong when filming, or on stage. The mistakes I have made. The famous people I have worked with and some secrets of behind the scenes. Also my road into crime writing and why I choose to kill people off, or how to kill people off and not feel guilty.
My talk has been reviewed as entertaining, light-hearted, sometimes laugh out loud funny, informative and very interesting.


Me as April with Ted and Spike in Hi-De-Hi – my talk includes the making of this series.

Pictures below are of me in Quadrophenia and my husband, the actor Brian Murphy

Public Speaker in Kent Linda Regan presents her talk Acting Can Be Murder.
Public Speaker in Kent Linda Regan presents her talk Acting Can Be Murder.
Public Speaker in Kent, Linda Regan presents her talk on Acting Can be Murder
Public Speaker in Kent, Linda Regan presents her talk on Acting Can be Murder


 “Christ Church Ladies Group at Bexleyheath recently spent a delightful afternoon in the company of Linda Regan. What a splendid talk! Linda captivated her audience with her anecdotes. It was interesting to hear her life story (rejecting her mother’s suggestion she should become a nun) and how she became a successful actress and now, also, a successful crime writer. What a star!”

Patricia – December 2023


 “Lynda gave an entertaining and amusing talk lasting more than 90 minutes with tales of her childhood and her meetings with actress Diana Dors and later her friendship with the Carry On Star Barbara Windsor. We also heard how she became a best-selling author with a series of successful crime novels after she persevered following a number of rejections by publishers. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon”

Lynda – November 2023



“We found Linda Regan to be a very entertaining speaker with many interesting anecdotes of her long career both on the stage and television. She is now an accomplished writer of thrillers too. She was exceptionally friendly and spoke individually to many of our members. She was punctual and very well prepared and I’m sure she could have spoken for a lot longer as she obviously has a wealth of stories left to tell.”

Maureen – October 2023


“Linda gave a talk to our group, it was good to look at our members and see them so engrossed and laughing
out loud. We have a Whatsapp group and the feedback was positive saying how much they had enjoyed the afternoon and the tales of Linda’s life and her various encounters with famous people that the group knew from past years, she also told of her childhood and lately of her Crime writing. Linda is charming and interesting. Well done Linda!”

Pauline – September 2023

Linda Regan Contact Details:

07973 839405

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