Linda Regan

Location: Bromley, Kent
About me...

I am a successful actress who writes crime thrillers too. My career started as a child and I am still at it. I have worked in theatre, pantomime, television, film and radio, in fact every medium an actor can work.
During my many years, I have worked with a host of famous faces, some lovely, and some who I would like to have murdered! Which is where and how my crime writing career started. (In fiction writing you can rename people and kill them off and stay out of prison).

About my Talk...

My talk is a stand-a-lone. I require no power point or props though I am happy to use a mic if one is available. The talk lasts for approx one hour.


I charge £75 in and around my home town of Bromley in Kent and I am willing to travel further afield @ 24p per mile.

My Contact Details:

07973 839405

Acting Can be Murder

This talk is about my long career on stage and in TV and film, some of the things that go wrong when filming, or on stage. The mistakes I have made. The famous people I have worked with and some secrets of behind the scenes. Also my road into crime writing and why I choose to kill people off, or how to kill people off and not feel guilty.
My talk has been reviewed as entertaining, light-hearted, sometimes laugh out loud funny, informative and very interesting.



Me as April with Ted and Spike in Hi-De-Hi – my talk includes the making of this series.

Linda Regan Contact Details:

07973 839405

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