Neil Sadler

Location: Haywards Heath, West Sussex
About The Speaker...

Neil is a retired senior police officer who can provide talks or more structured presentations on a range of subjects.  “Exhibits”, equipment and photographs will illustrate his “cases”

Neil trained as a school teacher and worked on the Isle of Man before returning to England for a very brief spell as a civil servant based in Bristol. In 1978 he decided that an office based job was not for him and he joined Sussex Police.

He spent much of his 30 years service as an operational officer in various ranks across Sussex, working briefly in Hong Kong, Trinidad and Abu Dhabi….he even survived Bognor Regis, Haywards Heath and Crawley !

Following retirement in 2008, he now offers his talks to groups and organisations throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and south London.

About his talks...

All the talks are delivered with Powerpoint slides using my own pre installed projection system. All I ask for is a light coloured wall or screen at the venue (I can provide my own small screen as a fall back)

I am a Women’s Institute approved speaker  and a Mirthy Speaker.

My talks can be presented virtually (Zoom / Google Meet etc)


£85 plus 45p a mile from / back to Haywards Heath West Sussex for a personal appearance

£69  for a virtual presentation such as Zoom/Google Meet


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Bisons and Custer

Yellowstone National Park (the world’s first official national park).
• The dangerous pastime of “Hot Potting” in volcanic geysers
• How to survive a Black Bear attack: Hint: Don’t “play dead”
• How not to order your steak on a wild west BBQ
• The world’s largest stone carving
• How many bison are left in the USA?
• “Custer’s Last Stand” (the Battle of the Little Big Horn) the intriguing link between the famous massacre and a Sussex
• All this, plus a brief Wild West movie theme tune quiz……
• So saddle up and sit back for a wild ride through Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota

"An Odd Thing Happened Today at the Airport"

International airports are fascinating places to pass through. But have you ever wondered what happens if you work at one……especially as a police officer at Britain’s second busiest airport,London Gatwick.

·        Where was the 1917 Grand National horse race held?

·        What have Vinnie Jones, Naomi Campbell and Peter Buck got in common?

·        Do you know your LAX from your LHR airport codes?

·        The “Golden age” of air travel

·        The very expensive sleep-over or The stowaway to freedom;


A Policeman’s Lot…can be quite an interesting one!

The rise of “Robo-cop” : changes in police uniforms and equipment
Cops and robbers: well known TV cop cars
An embarrassing moment for a certain Prime Minister.
A theme tune quiz
Which is the most versatile piece of police equipment…you may be surprised !
How old was PC George Dixon when he actually retired?

Gongoozling for Beginners…life on the canals

After 30 years as a police officer in Sussex, Neil thought this sounded just the tonic for retirement; relaxing, stress free and with the chance to grow his beard and hair (and even wear a leather hat instead of a policeman’s helmet !)

This is a light hearted journey around some of the 2000 miles of navigable waterways in a 58 foot canal narrow boat across Britain, with just a small dose of history, lots of humour, a rather wet puppy and only one broken arm …….so far !

  “California Dreaming”:   From Alcatraz to the Grand Canyon Via Route 66.


This illustrated talk is about a road trip in western USA…..with a twist !

Some fascinating facts about the Golden Gate bridge, the earthquake of 1906 in  San Francisco and more.

Famous prisoners from the Alcatraz Penitentiary and the 3 men who  escaped “the Rock”……or did they ?

“Get your kicks on Route 66”; the Mother Road which crosses almost 2,500 miles of the USA.


And the Grand Canyon; a true marvel of the world.

An Inspector Calls: confessions of a police speaker !

This talk draws on the curious, poignant and sometimes downright funny things Neil has been told while giving talks about his 30 year police career.

There will also be follow-ups to some of his previous topics.

“What did you want to do when you grew up?”
Why was Neil under suspicion as an IRA bomber in the 1970s ?
Gatwick airport’s most amazing coincidence.
A very peculiar request at a Women’s Institute meeting !!
And many more interesting incidents, often stranger than fiction.

A Small Slice of The Big Apple: New York, the city that never sleeps

Why is New York city often called the Big Apple?

What have Bob Hope, Max Factor and Charles Atlas in common?

How much does it cost to run a hotdog stall in Central Park (allegedly)

Who is Chesley B Sullenberger and what is his link with New York city?

Which famous movies were filmed in NYC….and who had a surprise cameo role in the 1992 film “Home Alone 2”?

And many, many more fascinating and quirky facts.

(Almost) Death in Paradise

Working with the police in Trinidad and Tobago
Life in Barbados
The fictional island of Saint Marie in the TV series.
The real Pirates of the Caribbean
What time did pirates have to go to bed? What was marooning?
“The answer’s Rum…now what was the question?”
So let’s limbo……..

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