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Location: Looe, Cornwall
About me...

I am an author offering talks on the West Country stories that have inspired my writing, many where fact has definitely been stranger than fiction! My audiences include historical and scientific societies, literary festivals, Women’s Institutes, U3A’s, libraries, church and social groups, museums and Rotary.

About my talks...

I offer a range of talks covering anything from original academic research on a Devon inventor to tales of murder and mayhem: from rumours of government interference with the weather to the bravery of west country suffragettes.

All talks last between 40 minutes and an hour depending on your requirements. They are all powerpoint presentations, although I can do a ‘stand alone’ if preferred. I supply all my own equipment, with the exception of a screen, but a blank wall is perfect.

I cover the West Country in person or the whole of the UK via Zoom.


I charge:
– £50 for talks in person plus 20p per mile.
– £50 for Zoom talks.
From 2025:
– £65 for talks in person plus 25p per mile
– £65 for Zoom talks

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Breaking The Mould - The Suffragette Story in the South West

On August 4th, 1913, a car was spotted speeding away from a Devon mansion late at night. Moments later flames lit up the sky. Newspapers were filled with speculation that suffragettes were to blame. Truth or fiction? This one question opened a door to the fascinating story of the fight for the vote in the south west – not a tale of a sleepy rural backwater but of women prepared to protest at political meetings, recruit in the streets, join mass rallies in London, and suffer the agony of forced feeding in Holloway. All this … and the biggest sleepover the region has ever known!
This multimedia presentation includes original film footage, numerous illustrations, first hand suffragette accounts and readings from ‘Breaking The Mould’. Costume optional!

The Lynmouth Floods - Act of God or Act of Man?

Many remember the summer of 1952 when disaster struck the small fishing village of Lynmouth on the North Devon coast. During one August night, flash-floods destroyed scores of homes and claimed 34 lives. But not so many recall suspicions circulating of government interference with the weather. Fact or fiction? When top secret government documents from that time became available to researchers at the National Archive at Kew I knew it was a question I had to answer.

This talk uncovers the incredible true story that creates the backdrop for my novel Seeds of Doubt. I include information from those secret documents, book readings and anecdotes about the research and writing process in this multi-media presentation.

When Fact is Stranger than Fiction

The west country holds a wealth of stories waiting for an author to bring them to life. How do we go about finding them? Perhaps with a rumour circulating about a place or an event, the starting point for my novel Seeds of Doubt. Or a snippet in a paper that raises more questions than it answers, the inspiration for The Power of Three. Or curiosity about how national events played out here, the framework for my book on the suffragettes, Breaking The Mould. This talk traces the writer’s journey from original inspiration, through detailed research to the crucial decision about how the story will be told: fiction or non-fiction?

The Power of 3: The Story of Thomas Fowler.

Local Man invents Computer.’ A startling headline for a provincial Devon paper, and one that begged the question, ‘Who was Thomas Fowler?’ Had I known it would take weeks, months, even years of trawling the archives to find the answer I might have thought twice, but I was hooked. And I’m so glad I was.

Thomas Fowler was a mathematical genius who had the potential to turn the history of computing upside down. Modern assessments have even claimed that computers could have been invented a century earlier because of his work. So why are so few people aware of this humble, self-taught genius from a small market town in Devon? Tragically bad fortune and prejudice dogged his footsteps and his ground-breaking work lapsed into obscurity. Until now.

This multi media presentation includes my original research into Fowler’s life and work, video, illustrations and readings from documents of the time.

What people say about my talks

Breaking The Mould – The Suffragette Story in the South West
Thank you for your presentation which attracted a sell out audience of 100 festival fans. Feedback following your event has been outstanding: the quality of your presentation materials, the delivery style and pace have all been acknowledged. Following Michael Palin’s event was never going to be easy but I am delighted to say that we need not have worried! A very entertaining and informative event. Appledore Book Festival.


The Lynmouth Floods – Act of God or Act of Man?
I just wanted to thank you once again for your excellent talk in Thursday. I had so many people come up to me afterwards telling me how superb it was and how they enjoyed it. Many comments like “brilliant talk” and “wow, that was the best talk for a long time”. Bude U3A


When Fact is Stranger Than Fiction
This is to thank you very much for coming yesterday. Your talk was very much enjoyed by those who were there … With very many thanks for the excellent talk. Porlock Library


The Power of 3: The Story of Thomas Fowler.
Thank you so much for the interesting talk you gave last Thursday to our Local History group. Many people have contacted me to say how much they enjoyed learning about the achievements of Thomas Fowler. Holsworthy History Society.

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