Philip Oostenbrink

Location: Ash, Kent
About The Speaker...

After being a teacher in horticulture in The Netherlands for eight years, I moved to the UK in 2008 to start my own gardening business. In 2011 I became Deputy Head Gardener at a land-based college. After 4 years there I started as Head Gardener at Canterbury Cathedral. In 2020 I was offered the job as Head Gardener at Walmer Castle and Gardens, and started there in June that year. Plant collecting has always been a passion of mine, leading to currently holding four National Plant Collections. In October 2021 my book The Jungle Garden came out, with a UK, US and Dutch version available. This book looks at how to create a lush foliage garden at home, and how to combine different leaf shapes and textures.

About Their Talks...

My talks are suitable for groups with an interest in gardening and/or history.


£125 plus £0.45 mileage outside of Kent.

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The Jungle Garden

The Jungle Garden talk is after my book of the same name, published by Filbert Press in 2021. The inspiration for this book was when my home garden was filmed for BBC Gardeners’World in 2017. During the talk I show several images of beautiful jungle gardens and I discuss how to combine foliage shapes and textures.

Plant Collections

From plant hunters to modern day National Plant Collections. In this talk I explain about the influence plant hunters have had on UK gardens. I also discuss extreme plant collecting such as Tulipmania and then show images of my own National Collections: Aspidistra elatior and A sichuanensis, Hakonechloa macra, Ophiopogon japonicus and Variegated and Yellow Convallaria.

Walmer Castle and Gardens

Besides gardening, history is also one of my passions. This talk looks at how the gardens at Walmer Castle have developed since the first kitchen garden was laid out in the early 1700s. Subsequent Lord Wardens, which include Wellington, Churchill and the Queen Mother, have had an influence ontbe garden. Their influences will be shown and current projects, which include a Jungle Moat, will be talked about. A talk which will be interesting for people who like gardenjng as well as people who like history.

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