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Location: Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
About The Speaker...

Having extensively toured the country, and lectured across the world on cruise ships, respected author and comedy historian Robert Ross (author of The Carry On Companion), brings you a variety of laughter and social history to celebrate comedy at it’s best.
Robert has been a presenter on Talking Pictures TV and many Channel 5 documentaries. In addition, he is the Carry On Films official historian.
He recently set up an association of writers called Write On Comedy where literature and laughter meet. This has allowed him to curate his own comedy themed exhibitions, book festivals and themed days.

About Their Talks...

Presenting as a Stand Up Comedy Historian or in conversation with his wife as a two hand conversation about all things comedy. Able to offer talks with clips or additionally without screen and projector.

Does your venue have links to film and television history? In addition to the talks below, Robert can present an exclusive tribute to your venue , revealing behind-the-scenes stories of the many films and television productions that have used your venue as a location: Whether it be a spine-tingling horror to ribald hilarity.

Talks can also be centred around themed topics; including Mental Health, Royalty and Comedy as well as seasonal holidays such as Halloween with my talk Carry On Screaming.


Minimum fee £75 within ten miles from home. Prepared to travel any distance up to 200 miles. Expenses by public transport, and negotiable fee. Provide my own technician.

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Forgotten Heroes of Comedy

The Golden Age of Television was blessed with some of the best-loved of comedians, but why are Eric & Ernie and Tommy Cooper and Frankie Howerd so fondly remembered, while Arthur Haynes and Charlie Drake and Harry Worth languish in the archives?
These and other once celebrated stars, from the silent days of Hollywood to the comedy club boom, at last come under the spotlight in this affectionate tribute to the comedy also-ran. There’ll also be room for arguably the funniest film ever made, its stars amongst those forgotten heroes of comedy…forgotten no longer. An enthusiastic celebration by comedy historian Robert Ross, the show is a companion piece to his latest book, in which such turns as dazzling impressionist Florence Desmond, slapstick maestro Derek Royle, and neglected third stooge Shemp Howard are reappraised. Expect laughs from the most obscure corners of comedy history and hilarious, rare clips from the vaults

Oh, What A Carry On!

They’ve been Cruising, they’ve been Camping. They’ve even been …Up the Khyber; but now the beloved Carry Ons are coming to you!

Britain’s Comedy Historian and the official chronicler of the series, Robert Ross, presents an affectionate salute to celebrate sixty glorious years of the Carry On films, taking you behind the scenes of a comedy institution. In the March of 1958 cameras started rolling on a cheap and cheerful black and white comedy about the madcap exploits of a bunch of hapless National Service recruits. The film was Carry On Sergeant and its popularity kick-started British film’s most endearing franchise.

Nothing sums up the deliciously bawdy and raucous British sense of humour more than the Carry Ons. For more than 60 years, their heady mix of innuendo, pratfalls, and love of a damned good time has entertained millions around the world. The flaring nostrils of Kenneth Williams, the crumpled leer of Sid James, the cheeky giggle of Barbara Windsor, and the bespectacled high camp of Charles Hawtrey remain a vital part of the national bloodstream. This is the Carry On story. Naughty but nice…

A Funny Way to Make A Living

Whether it’s the hilarious trials and tribulations of working the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or playing the seven seas on outrageous themed cruises, Robert’s twenty-five years as a professional writer and broadcaster, celebrating the funny for money, provides a fund of anecdotes, misadventures, and name drops..

Christmas Crackers

It’s Christmas: that joyous time of year when mince pies and mulled wine are shared over a few carols, and the whole family gathers round the telly to watch their comedy favourites.

Whether it’s Laurel and Hardy selling fir trees off the back of their Model T Ford, Sid James as a department store Father Christmas, or the Two Ronnies reinventing Walt Disney’s Pinocchio as a murderous killer doll, these hilarious ghosts of Christmases past are an integral part of the festive season. And, of course, they’ll be Eric ‘n’ Ernie! But perhaps like you’ve never seen them before…

100 Years and Counting of the BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation opened for business in October 1922, and in that century has delivered some of the world’s funniest and best-loved programmes. In this affectionate, clip-stuffed retrospective Robert Ross is your guide through the historical innovations and hilarious highlights, including everybody from Tony Hancock to Victoria Wood; and Basil Fawlty to Del Boy.

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