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Location: Southampton, Hampshire
About the Speaker...

Shelley Lozano is a professional speaker and entertainer and has worked in cabaret world-wide for over 35 years, which has taken her as far afield as Europe, Kathmandu, India and the Middle East. She has had appeared on TV, radio and theatre and had the pleasure of working with many celebrities including Bob Monkhouse, Frankie Vaughan, Tony Christie, Marti Caine and others. Shelley is also a radio presenter, author and children’s entertainer, but is passionate about wildlife and through her work, she has raised thousands of pounds for big cats and endangered wildlife. Shelley talks are varied, interesting, entertaining and educational, fully illustrated with colour photographs and short video clips and delivered with passion. Suitable for a variety of functions and events, for audiences of all ages. Talks can be live or via zoom and Shelley is also a speaker for Mirthy.

About her talks...


Requirements: Shelley is completely self-contained with PA, microphone, big screen, laptop and projector, also fully insured. Parking appreciated please, and a power socket, a table, chair, glass of water.

Happy to use big screen if club has their own one available.

Talk duration: From approx. 45 minutes upwards. My talks are PowerPoint and illustrated with colourful photo’s, short video clips, and include a questions and answer session at the end, if required. Please also see my website (below) for more information.


Usually around £95 upwards locally, plus travel expenses if over 20 miles from Southampton. Fees can vary depending on the location, time, day, type of club, audience numbers, or if it is live or via zoom, but I’d rather be working than not, so can be negotiable. Concessions possible for smaller clubs such as WI’s, U3A, Townswomen’s Guild, etc. Short notice bookings taken, or cover for cancellations, if I’m available.

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'From Cabaret to Conservation'

Shelley shares some ‘funny but true’ stories from her life in showbiz as a cabaret artiste, to her encounters with big cats while supporting various conservation projects for wildlife charities. Includes excerpts of poems from her book ‘Wild & Free’.
This is an interesting, informative and entertaining talk delivered with passion and a little humour, along with some interesting stories about her life as a professional variety entertainer to her work raising awareness for big cat conservation.
Accompanied by photographs, slideshows, unique video footage from her travels and some thought-provoking poems from her book, ‘Wild & Free’ with a questions and answer session at the end.

'An Entertainer's Life'

Shelley’s shares her incredible journey and experiences through her varied showbiz career from her life in cabaret as a limbo dancer, fire-eater, belly dancer, illusionist, disc jockey, radio presenter and speaker, to children’s entertainer and balloon modeller!
With inspirational and funny stories from her life as an international entertainer, this talk is accompanied by photographs and some short video clips and is an amusing and entertaining look at her life as a professional Entertainer. Includes a question and answer session at the end.

Endangered Wildlife & Conservation

In this beautifully illustrated talk, Shelley takes look at some of the world’s most endangered wildlife, particularly big cats, along with conservation issues, and shares her wildlife photo’s and video clips she has taken on her travels around the world.
Shelley has studied big cats and feline behaviour and supports several conservation projects in the UK and overseas and is also a part of the UK team for the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF UK). This talk is ideal for anyone with an interest in wildlife and conservation. Focusing on endangered wildlife and conservation issues, she takes a look at the illegal pet trade, wildlife trafficking, human-wildlife conflict and animals used for entertainment and an insight into some of the work being done by many charities to help combat this as well as ways we can all help.

The Ancient Art of Belly Dance!

Belly dancing has become increasingly popular in the west, not only for cabaret but for fun and fitness. Shelley takes a look at the history and culture of this exotic art form, from it’s beginnings to present day. This interesting and educational talk is illustrated with photographs and video clips.

There is an added option for a belly dance workshop or performance with audience participation if required, at an added cost, which will make this an unusual and fun event to remember!

The Golden Age of Hollywood

Looking back at some of the most famous Hollywood Greats over three decades, from the 1930s to 1950s! Includes interesting information, titbits and photographs about some of the most famous stars, and the films they made, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Ingred Birgman, Charlie Chaplin, and more.

Amazing Adventures & Animal Encounters

Public Speaker and entertainer Shelley Lozano talks about Amazing Adventures & Animal Encounters

Join Shelley on her journey around the world as she shares her experiences, amazing adventures and animal encounters discovering some of the native wildlife from her travels to places such as Costa Rica, The Amazon, Devils Island, South Africa and more!

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