Steve Herra

Location: Southampton, Hampshire
About me...

I am third generation Cunard employee as my father and grandmother both sailed with Cunard.  My last ship was QE2 where I was a Purser, I met my wife aboard QE2 and also some of the celebrities I introduce to the audience.  After leaving Cunard, I joined the Royal Naval Reserve and served aboard HMS President.  I still have an interest in ships and act as a visitor escort conducting guided tours of the ships when they are in Southampton.

About my talks...

I have laptop, projector and screen all I really need is a six foot table and power socket.  The talk is supported  by powerpoint but there is no text for my audience to read as this can become rather tedious for some people and detract from their enjoyment of the presentation.

I can give my talks as virtual presentations through zoom.


The fee for each talk is £80 plus mileage @ .45 pence per mile from my home in Southampton, Hampshire.

My Contact Details:

02380 814611


“Titanic – A Night of Ice”

Public Speaker in Hampshire Steve Herra presents his talk 'Titanic - A Night of Ice'
  1. What did the ship builders claim Titanic to be?
  2. Why did John Coffey leave the ship at Queenstown?
  3. Why was John Jacob Astor IV the subject of a scandal in the U.S.?
  4. Why did Michel Navratil sail under an assumed name?
  5. Who were the “Titanic Orphans”?
  6. Who was Henry Morley accompanying whilst his wife was in the U.K.
  7. Why did the Californian captain ignore the distress rockets?
  8. Which ship went to the rescue?

“Sweeney Todd – Romance, Riches and Retribution”

Public Speaker in Hampshire Steve Herra presents his talk “Sweeney Todd – Romance, Riches and Retribution”
  1. How old was Sweeney Todd when he went to Newgate prison?
  2. What was a “Flying Barber”?
  3. What was the name of Sweeney Todd’s accomplice?
  4. What was the significance of the revolving chair?
  5. How did most victims of Todd die?
  6. What first attracted attention to St. Dunstan’s Church?
  7. What happened to Mrs Lovett?
  8. How many victims of Todd were there?

“The P&O Story – Fun and Facts”

Public Speaker in Hampshire Steve Herra presents his talk“The P&O Story – Fun and Facts”
  • Prior to the Suez Canal opening, how did passengers travel from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea?
  • What did Florence Nightingale put her success down to?
  • What was the origin of the modern-day barbeque?
  •  How did the acronym POSH come about?
  • Which royal mistress once resided at the site of the Pall Mall Head Office address?
  • When Canberra was on Falklands War Duty, what were the female crew members referred to as?
  • What was Canberra affectionately called?

“The Prince’s Murderous Mistress”

Public Speaker Steve Herra talks about The Prince's Murderous Mistress.

A true story about the affair the Prince of Wales (soon to become Edward VIII) had with a French prostitute, Marguerite, in the 1920’s.

  • What was contained in the letters he wrote to Marguerite?
  • How did she react when he finished the relationship?
  • What were her main reasons for marrying the wealthy Charles Laurent?
  • How many times did she shoot Ali Fahmy?
  • How many people did she confess to, to shooting Ali?
  • Was she found guilty of murder, manslaughter or was she acquitted?

“Cunard History and Glamorous Stars”

Public Speaker in Hampshire Steve Herra presents his talk 'Cunard History and Glamorous Stars'
  • It is based upon the history of Cunard from 1840 until the present day and includes some of the more famous liners but not all as there were nearly 250!
  • I also talk about some of the celebrities and stars who sailed aboard Cunard ships.
  • What did Charles Dickens think about the furnishings aboard Britannia?
  • Which actress brought her gleaming white Rolls Royce on board Queen Mary and her own chickens as she demanded fresh eggs each day?
  • When at a New York function, what was the reply  to the lady who described Elizabeth Taylor’s very large diamond ring as vulgar?

“The Body Through the Porthole”

Public Speaker Seve Herra talks about “The Body Through the Porthole”

A true story from 1947 when a young actress sailing from Cape Town to Southampton aboard the Durban Castle had a liaison with a deck steward.  During one such liaison, she died and he pushed her body through the porthole!  The ship was 90 miles from the nearest land and in shark infested waters.  The audience act as jury and decide if the accused was guilty or not guilty or murder.

  • Did Gay Gibson’s ailments cause her death?
  • What was the significance of the alarm clock left on deck?
  • Who rang the cabin alarm bells?
  • How did James Camb explain the scratches on his arms?
  • What happened after the trial?

“The Iconic QE2 Story”

Public Speaker Steve Herra talks about “The QE2 story”

The story of this iconic liner from launch in 1967 to her final departure from our shores in 2008.  This includes additional celebrities who sailed aboard and members of the Royal Family who visited QE2, this talk also includes her Falklands War Service.

  • During the build stage of QE2, which items did one shipyard worker remove from the ship and take home?
  • Did the Queen name the ship correctly?
  • How did the Senior Doctor announce his first-born to the wardroom?
  • Who ordered QE2 be sunk by torpedo in 1973?
  • What was the name of the unlikely stowaway in 1982?

COCO CHANEL - Her life, loves and lies

Public Speaker Steve Herra talks about “The Coco Chanel story”
  1. What name was entered on the birth certificate of Gabrielle Chanel?
  2. How did she acquire the name Coco?
  3. Who described her singing voice as that of a crow?
  4. Who was the true love of Coco?  Did they marry?
  5. Why was one of Coco’s lovers deported from Russia?
  6. How many ingredients are there in the fragrance Chanel No.5?
  7. How did a famous Hollywood actor decorate his garden to welcome Coco?
  8. Why did Coco have to alter the costumes of Gloria Swanson?
  9. Who was rumoured to have had a hand in her release from prison?
  10. What was Coco’s response when asked if she consorted with a German Officer?

The Mysterious Theft of the Irish Crown Jewels

Public Speaker Steve Herra talks about “The Irish Crown Jewels story”

1.      What were the Crown Jewels referred to by the Irish locals?

2.      Why was the safe kept in the library rather than the strongroom?

3.      When waking up after an alcoholic slumber, what did Arthur Vickers find wrapped around his neck?

4.      Who left the Crown Jewels on Arthur Vickers desk?

5.      Who found the front door and strongroom door open?

6.      What was the reward to recover the jewels?

7.      Which famous author offered his help in solving the case?

8.      Who was the famous brother of Francis Shackleton?

9.      What happened to the files in Scotland Yard?

10.   What did the King say when presented with the secret report?

Steve Herra Contact Details:

02380 814611


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